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Functional Setup Manager Overview

·       Getting started in Oracle Fusion Application

·       Overview of Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager

·       Overview of the Functional Setup Manager

·       Implementation Over

·       Browsing and configuring offerings


Overview of Common Applications Configuration

·       Defining enterprise structure

·       Configuring enterprise structure overview

·       Defining geographies

·       Defining legal jurisdictions and authorities

·       Managing legal entities

·       Managing legal reporting units

·       Managing business units


Oracle Fusion General Ledger

·       Defining chart of accounts components

·       Sharing ledger components across oracle applications

·       Accounting configuration prerequisites

·       Creating chart of accounts

·       Building the chart of accounts structure


Defining Segments

·       Defining segment values

·       Assigning segment attributes


Define Value Sets and Values

·       Validation and value sets

·       Assigning segment labels


Defining Rules

·       Creating chart of accounts structure

·       Chart of account instance


Account Hierarchies: Overview

·       Create account hierarchies

·       Maintain segment value attributes

·       Deploy flexfields

·       Enabling account combinations

·       Manage segment value attributes

·       Defining segment value security rules


Manage Accounting Periods

·       Adding calendar year

·       Auditing calendar


Managing Currencies Overview

·       Currencies overview

·       Conversion rate types overview

·       Explain cross rates rules

·       Daily rates overview



·       Define ledgers and ledger components

·       Manage primary ledger

·       Managing reporting currencies

·       Reporting currencies conversion levels

·       Define secondary ledgers

·       Secondary ledger mapping

·       Balance cubes overview

·       Balance cube dimensions

·       Manage ledger sets

Period Close Components

·       Period close checklist

·       Journal import verification process

·       Historical rates

·       Foreign currency translation

·       Consolidating ledgers

·       Performing account inquiry



·       Creating allocations rules sets and components

·       Journal allocations requirements

·       Step down allocation example

·       Journal allocations concepts

·       Journal allocations – Best practices


Revaluations and Transactions

·       Revaluation and transaction setup

·       Revaluation overview

·       Revaluation example

·       Transaction overview


Financial Reporting

·       Financial reporting and analysis

·       Multi-dimensional analysis on live date

·       Help with completing hands on exercise


Payables Configuration

·       Define business unit

·       Supplier configuration

·       Supplier lookups and business classifications

·       Define common options for payables and procurement

·       Manage payables lookups

·       Document sequence

·       Invoice holds and releases

·       Define payment methods

·       Overview of payables approval


Perform Invoice Transactions

·       Create suppliers

·       Create invoices online – Explain PO matching and direct invoices

·       Create invoice through spreadsheet


Payment Configuration

·       Configure payment system

·       Manage payment formats (BI Template and configuration)

·       Payment process profile

·       Bank account configuration

·       Payment system options


Payment Processing

·       Quick payment

·       Execute payment batch


Period Close

·       Create accounting

·       AP to GL reconciliation

·       Payables period close checklist

·       Payables period close

·       Basics of payables reporting through OTBI – Explain subject areas


Order to Cash Lifecycle Overview

·       Order to cash overview

·       Integration with other applications

·       Business unit positioning in order to cash flow


Manage parties and Customer Accounts

·       Party model and features

·       Profile classes

·       Customer entry methods


Process Invoices

·       Overview of invoice configuration

·       Overview of auto invoice process

·       Overview of invoice process


Process Receipts

·       Overview of receipts setup

·       Overview of receipt process

·       Receipt entry method

·       Types of receipts

·       Overview view of Lock Boxes

·       Overview of Automatic Receipts


Receivable Reporting

·       Overview of Standard Reports

·       Overview of Adhoc Reporting using OTBI

·       Overview of BU Publisher


Oracle Cash Management Overview

·       Describe key feature of Oracle Cash Management

·       Key concepts of bank account model

·       Key concepts of reconciling bank statement cash management configuration

·       Bank master maintenance

·       Bank statement transaction codes

·       Bank statement reconciliation rules


Cash Management Integration with Other Application Managing Bank Statements

·       Enter and import bank statements

·       Bank statement open interface

·       Reviewing and correcting bank statement errors managing bank



·       Overview of bank reconciliation

·       Auto reconciliation matching

·       Manual reconciliation matching

·       Cash management reporting


Asset Overview

·       Fusion assets overview

·       Assets configurations


Fusion Asset Configuration Overview

·       Managing asset key flex fields

·       System controls

·       Managing fiscal years and calendars

·       Managing asset books

·       Managing asset categories


Asset Additions

·       Manual asset additions

·       Mass asset additions

·       CIP asset additions

·       Asset adjustments



·       Depreciation rules

·       Depreciation methods

·       Managing depreciation



·       Asset retirements

·       Asset reinstatements


Asset Reporting

·       Tax books

·       Tax book concept

·       Setting up a tax book

·       Managing tax books


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