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Using General Ledger Overview

·       Introducing the Oracle Fusion Applications

·       Discussing Oracle Financials Cloud

·       Explaining Oracle General Ledger Features

·       Reviewing Oracle Fusion General Ledger Accounting Cycle

·       Examining the Financial Reporting Center


Navigating in General Ledger and Functional Setup Manager

·       Navigating Oracle Fusion General Ledger

·       Exploring Dashboards

·       Examining Panels

·       Reviewing Infolets and Infotiles

·       Understanding Personalizations

·       Discussing Functional Setup Manager and Implementation Project


Discussing the Vision Story

·       Discussing the Vision Corporation Story Elements

·       Using the Vision Corporation to Expand Your Knowledge of Oracle Fusion General Ledger


Reviewing Enterprise Structures

·       Discuss Enterprise Structures and Shared Components

·       Examining Legal Entities

·       Exploring Chart of Account Components

·       Creating Account Combinations

·       Defining Cross-Validation Rules


Exploring Calendars and Ledgers

·       Using the Accounting Calendar

·       Reviewing Ledgers and Ledger Options

·       Assigning Balancing Segments

·       Managing Reporting Currencies

·       Mapping Chart of Accounts

·       Exploring the GL Balances Cube Defining GL Security


Creating Journal Entries

·       Describing the Accounting Cycle

·       Creating Manual and Imported Journal Entries

·       Posting Journal Entries Using Various Posting Options

·       Creating Reversing Entries

·       Performing Inquiries and Drill Down to Subledgers


Using Foreign Currencies

·       Understanding Currency Concepts

·       Exploring Conversion Rates

·       Discussing Cross-Currency Functionality

·       Entering Foreign Currency Journals


Managing Intercompany Transactions

·       Creating Intercompany Transactions from the User Interface

·       Creating Intercompany Transactions from Allocations

·       Running Intercompany Reconciliation

·       Creating Intercompany Transactions Using a Spreadsheet


Performing Period Close

·       Discussing the Close Monitor

·       Opening and Closing Periods

·       Allocating Balances

·       Managing Revaluations

·       Running Translations

·       Importing Journal Entries

·       Reconciling Balances


Using the Financial Reporting Center

·       Describing the Features of the Financial Reporting Center

·       Describing Smart View Key Features

·       Creating Financial Reports Using the Financial Reporting Studio

·       Understanding Custom Infolets and Account Groups

·       Using the Sunburst Visualization Tool

·       Discussing Oracle Transaction BI Reports and BI Publisher Reports


Maintaining General Ledger Options

·       Managing Suspense Accounts

·       Managing Statistical Units of Measure

·       Managing Processing Schedules


Performing Consolidations

·       Discussing Consolidation Methods

·       Exploring the Reporting Consolidation Option

·       Examining the Balance Transfer Consolidation Option

·       Defining Integration with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management with Oracle General Ledger


Loading Budgets

·       Describing Budgeting Preparation

·       Explaining integration with Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition

·       Defining the Budget Scenario Dimension

·       Loading Data with ADFdi and Oracle Smart View




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