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Reviewing Payables to Cash Management Implementation

     Understanding How Payables to Cash Management Fits into the Procure to Pay Flow


Using Enterprise Structures and Ledgers

     Understanding Enterprise Structures

     Understanding Ledgers


Configuring Business Units and Reference Data Sets

     Explaining and Defining Business Unit Features

     Understanding the Service Provider Model

     Explaining Reference Data Sets and Business Functions


Configuring Payables

     Describing Payables Terminology

     Understanding the Required and Optional Tasks


Configuring Oracle Tax

     Describing Tax as a Centralized Tax Solution

     Explaining How Tax is Calculated on Transactions

     Describing Integrations with Vertex


Creating a Supplier

     Understanding the Supplier Model

     Understanding Supplier Business Relationship Status


Creating Payables Invoices

     Understanding the Invoice Process

     Creating Invoices Manually and from Spreadsheets


Configuring and Using Subledger Accounting

     Configuring and Managing Accounting Methods

     Discussing the Create Accounting Process

     Understanding Manual Journal Entries and Adjustments


Configuring Payments: Payables

     Setting up a Bank Account

     Defining Payment Method Defaulting Rules and Payment Codes

     Managing Payments Approvals

     Understanding Customer and Supplier Balance Netting


Configuring Cash Management

     Defining Banks, Branches, and Accounts

     Configuring Bank Statement Processing and Reconciliation

     Performing Automatic Reconciliation


Reporting for Payables, Payments, and Subledger Accounting

     Describing BI Publisher Reports

     Understanding Oracle Transaction BI Reports

     Discuss Payables Infotiles


Using Common Application Topics

     Managing Oracle Social Network Objects


Using Integration Services in Payables

     Describing Web Services for Payables


Understanding Localizations

     Describing Reports by Country for EMEA and APAC

     Explaining Reports by Country for LAD


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