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Order to Cash Lifecycle Overview

·       Order to Cash Overview

·       Integration with Other Applications

·       Business Unit Positioning in Order to Cash Flow


Manage Parties and Customer Accounts

·       Party Model and Features

·       Profile Classes

·       Customer Entry Methods


Process Invoices

·       Overview of Invoice Configuration

·       Overview of Auto Invoice Process

·       Overview of Invoice Process


Process Receipts

·       Overview of Receipts Setup

·       Overview of Receipt Process

·       Receipt Entry Methods

·       Types of Receipts

·       Overview of Lock Boxes

·       Overview of Automatic Receipts


Fusion Tax and Receivables Integration

·       Overview of Fusion Tax

·       Fusion Tax Integration with Receivables


Receivables Reporting

·       Overview of Standard Reports

·       Overview of Adhoc Reporting using OTBI

·       Overview of BI Publisher