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Configuring Common Receivables

·       Configure Receivables Using Rapid Implementation

·       Configure Receivables

·       Configure Tax

·       Configure Sub Ledger Accounting

·       Configure & Import Customers

·       Configure Cash Management

·       Configure Integration with  Other Applications


Configuring Customer Billing

·        Manage Auto-Invoicing

·        Manage Auto-Accounting

·        Manage Transaction types, Transaction sources, Items and Memo lines

·        Manage Resources ,Salesperson, Sales credits and Salesperson account references

·        Configure Revenue for Receivables


Configuring Customer Payments

·        Manage Customer Receipts

·        Manage Lockbox

·        Manage Automatic Receipts & Funds Capture


Managing Customer Billing

·       Create and Process Transactions

·       Manage the Auto-Invoice Process

·       Manage Transaction Printing

·       Calculate Transactional Tax


Processing Customer Payments

·       Create and Process Receipts

·       Create & Process Bills Receivables Remittances

·       Create & Process Receipt Exceptions

Bill Management

·       Configure and Use Oracle Bill Management

Reporting for Account Receivables & Advanced Collections

·        Report with Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)

·        Report with Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP)

·        Manage Account Receivables Reconciliation

Configuring and Using Advanced Collections

·        Configure Advanced Collections

·        Designing and Using Scoring Strategies

·        Managing Collections Work