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Functional Setup Manager Initial Overview

·       Implementing Oracle Fusion Applications

·       Extending Oracle Fusion Applications

·       Key Benefits

·       Primary Users

·       Implementation Planning

·       Functional Setup Enterprise Roles


Getting Ready

·       Applications Sign-on

·       Navigating to Functional Setup Manager

·       Creating Implementation Users

·       Security Administrators

·       Implementation Managers

·       Functional Users for Enterprise Structure Setup

·       Granted Roles


Implementing Fusion Applications

·       Functional Setup Methodology

·       Enterprise Roles and Implementation Phases


Planning for Implementation

·       Understanding Configuration Packages

·       Working with the Getting Started Page

·       Key Concepts

·       Offering Reports


Configuring Offerings

·       Working with Configure Offerings

·       Progressive Decision Making with Offering Hierarchy

·       Enabling Offering and Functional Areas for Implementation

·       Selecting Feature Choices

·       Setting Implementation Status


Generating Setup Task Lists

·       Working with the Manage Implementation Projects page

·       Selecting Offerings and Functional Areas

·       Generating Implementation Task Lists

·       How The Tasks Are Organized

·       Viewing the Associated Business Object Hierarchy


Assigning Setup Tasks to Users

·       Managing User Assignments

·       Assigning Unassigned Tasks

·       Monitoring User Assignments

·       Monitoring Resource Status


Entering Setup Data

·       Assigned Implementation Tasks

·       Filtering List of Tasks

·       Tasks with Scope

·       Predecessor Tasks


Exporting and Importing Setup Data

·       Managing Configuration Packages

·       Creating a Setup Export/Import Definition

·       Exporting and Importing Configuration Packages


Maintaining Setup Data

·       The Overview Page's All Tasks Tab

·       Using Implementation Projects


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