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Financial Consolidation and Close Overview

·       Describe Financial Consolidation and Close features


Set Up the Financial Consolidation and Close Business Process 

·       Run the setup wizard for the FCC business process

·       Add users and assign security roles

·       Describe Period and Movement as Dense dimensions (DSO)


Manage Dimensions

·       Describe the Account, Entity, and Scenario dimensions

·       Add and edit members using the Simplified Dimension Editor

·       Import members from a file

·       Add members to the Currency and Movement dimensions

·       Assign security access to dimension members


Set Up and Run Consolidations

·       Explain the consolidation process (translate, eliminate. consolidate) and closing balance calculation

·       Enter exchange rates and historical override rates and amounts

·       Configure the default translation method and default rate accounts

·       Explain the calculation statuses for entities

·       Run consolidation

·       Translate data to reporting currencies

·       Explain Intercompany Entity Aggregation Options

·       Configure Opening and Closing Balance System Rules


Set Up Advanced Consolidations

·       Customize the translation process using translation rules and custom rate accounts

·       Create custom consolidation calculations with Configurable Calculations and On Demand Rules

·       Configure statutory consolidations using Ownership Management and Consolidation Methods

·       Create consolidation adjustments with Configurable Consolidation Rules

·       Describe Groovy Rules


Build Out Your Financial Consolidation and Close Solution

·       Describe valid and invalid intersection rules

·       Create data forms

·       Manage the close process using Task Manager

·       Manage data collection using Supplemental Data

·       Define custom navigation flows


Manage Journals

·       Create consolidation journals and consolidation journal templates

·       Create and Manage Enterprise Journals


Manage Approvals

·       Explain the approval process for entities

·       Set up the approval process 

·       Explain approval groups and phased submissions

·       Define and edit approval groups

·       Assign approval groups to an approval unit hierarchy


Managing Business Process Data 

·       Import and export; copy and clear data

·       Audit changes to the application and data

·       Back up and migrate data and metadata

·       Automate repetitive tasks using EPM Automate

·       Cloning FCC environments


Design Reports and Dashboards

·       Create journal, intercompany, and consolidation reports

·       Create and run financial reports

·       Create Dashboards


Loading Data Using Data Integration

·       Register and edit application details

·       Set up integration prerequisites

·       Create, edit, and run integrations

·       View integrations in Workbench


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