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Transaction type life cycle

·       Analyze and identify transaction life cycle in the source system Accounting, reporting, audit, and reconciliation requirements

·       Analyze Accounting, Reporting Audit, and Reconciliation Requirements for Transaction Types Common Application Configurations for Accounting Hub

·       Analyze configuration requirements related to Legal Entities, Financial Reporting Structures and Ledgers

Register Source System and PaaS (ICS) integration

·       Manage Transaction Information and Line Information Worksheets and Transaction Objects

·       Manage PaaS(ICS) Integration


Update Registered Source System

·       Update Registered Source System:  accounting attribute assignments, sources, event types


Configure Accounting Rules

·       Manage Accounting Methods

·       Manage Journal Entry Rule Sets

·       Manage Journal Line Rules

·       Manage Account Rules

·       Manage Mapping Sets

·       Manage Description Rules

·       Manage Supporting References

·       Manage User Defined Formula

·       Manage Additional Components including Intercompany Journal Lines, Gain and Loss Journal Lines, Multiperiod Journal Entries, Accrual Reversals and Sequences


Transaction data and automation with web service

·       Upload transaction data, correct when there are errors, and perform automation with web service


Reporting and Period Close

·       Manage Reporting with OTBI

·       Manage Reporting with Financial Reporting Web Studio

·       Manage Reporting with BI Publisher

·       Manage Reporting with Smart View

·       Manage Account Groups


Adjust Journal Entries

·       Adjust journal entries: override, create manual adjustment entries Diagnostics

·       Peform Subledger Accounting Diagnostics


Functional Setup Manager

·       Explain Functional Setup Manager Offerings, Functional Area and Features, Manage Setup


Data, and Export and Import Setup Data Security

·       Explain Users and Role Based Access Control

·       Describe the Security Console


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