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Course Overview

·       Describing the Oracle Financials Applications

·       Identifying the Primary Business Functions for each Application

·       Explaining Multi-Org Architecture

·       Explaining the use of Reporting Currencies


ERDs and Applications Technology

·       Understanding ERDs

·       Understanding the Key Technology Components of the E-Business Suite

·       Using Key E-Business Suite Tools


Oracle General Ledger

·       Describing the Major Business Functions of Oracle General Ledger

·       Evaluating the Ledger ERD

·       Discussing Journal Entry Tables and Columns

·       Exploring the Budget ERD and Tables

·       Examining the Ledger Relationship ERD

·       Explaining Daily Rates and Related Tables

·       Describing Journal Import


Oracle Inventory

·       Explaining the Inventory Process

·       Discussing Inventory Transaction Activities

·       Identifying Major Inventory Tables

·       Discussing Open Interfaces for Inventory


Oracle Subledger Accounting and Oracle E-Business Tax

·       Subledger Accounting Business Benefits

·       Key Concepts of Subledger Accounting

·       Major Features of Subledger Accounting

·       Subledger Accounting Setup and Process

·       Oracle E-Business Tax (eBTax) Description

·       Business Needs that eBTax Meets

·       eBTax Key Concepts, Architecture, Process Flow

·       eBTax User Interface


Oracle Trading Community Architecture

·       Describing Customer Functionality in TCA

·       Describing TCA ERDs


Oracle Purchasing

·       Discussing Purchasing from Requisition to Receipt of Goods

·       Identifying Major Purchasing and Receiving Tables

·       Discussing Open Interfaces for Purchasing


Oracle Payables

·       Reviewing Oracle Payables Major Features

·       Explaining Oracle Payables ERDs and Related Tables

·       Explaining Oracle Payments Related Tables for Oracle Payables

·       Describing Payables Open Interfaces

·       Exploring iSupplier Portal


Oracle Assets

·       Describing Assets ERDs

·       Distinguishing Major Tables by Business Function

·       Identifying Major Columns in Major Tables

·       Discussing Assets Open Interfaces and APIs


Oracle Order Management

·       Describing Order Management Process Flow

·       Discussing Order Management Open Interfaces and APIs


Oracle Receivables

·       Describing Receivables Process Flow

·       Explaining Oracle Payments Related Tables for Oracle Receivables

·       Describing Receivables ERDs

·       Distinguishing Major Tables by Business Function

·       Reviewing Receivables Open Interfaces and APIs

·       Describing Oracle iReceivables


Open Interfaces

·       Explaining Benefits of Using Open Interfaces

·       Describing Oracle Open Interfaces Model

·       Managing Open Interface Processing


E-Business Suite Navigation

·       Describing Oracle E-Business Suite Navigation


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