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·       Extracts terminology: Database items, database item groups, routes, user entities, etc.


Tasks Related to Extracts

·       Architecture

·       Extract definitions

·       A basic extract definition

·       Extract parameters

·       Extract blocks

·       Extract block links

·       Extract records

·       Extract data elements

·       Extract validation

·       Running extracts


Creating a Sample Extract

·       Extract records in details

·       Extract data elements in details

·       Use of Fast formulas in extracts

·       Extract delivery options


BI Publisher and Reporting BI Process Flow

·       Data models

·       Data sources

·       BI publisher architecture

·       Template examples


Personalization Extensibility and Personalization Overview

·       Terminology

·       Steps for personalization

·       Sandbox manager

·       Customizations

·       Customization layers

·       Editing pages

·       Managing customizations

·       Rolling back, downloading, and uploading


File Based Loader

Introduction to Oracle Fusion HCM File-Based Loader

·       File-Based Loader availability

·       How File-Based Loader works

·       Objects that you can load using File-Based Loader

·       Preparing the Oracle Fusion HCM Environment

·       Configuring the load batch data process

·       Define Oracle Fusion business objects

·       Generate the mapping file of cross-reference information

·       Preparing and extracting source data

·       Import cross-reference information to the source environment

·       Map source data to the reference informations

·       Map source data to the reference data

·       Extract the source data

·       Deliver your data to the Oracle WebCenter content server

·       Importing and loading data to Oracle Fusion HCM

·       Import source data to the stage tables

·       Load data from the stage tables to the application tables

·       Fix batch-load errors


Workflow, Approvals, and Notifications

·       Workflow

·       Approval policies

·       Approver types

·       Manage approval groups for Human Capital Management

·       Approval structure

·       Oracle BPM worklist

·       Approval rules


Security in Fusion HCM

·       Role types and role inheritance in Fusion Apps

·       HCM security profile types

·       Tips for customizing security in Oracle Fusion HCM

·       Assign security profile to roles

·       Automated user account creation in Oracle identity manager from Fusion HCM

·       Data roles in Fusion HCM



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