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People Management

·       Explain Person and Employment Model

·       Manage the workforce lifecycle

·       Maintain worker directories

·       Maintain workforce information

·       Configure Directory Person Keyword Searches

·       Using the HCM Design Studio

Workforce Structures

·       Create organizations and divisions

·       Use effective dating and actions

·       Set Up Enterprise HCM Information

·       Create Legal Entities for HCM

·       Define Workforce Structures

·       Define Grades

·       Define Jobs

·       Define Positions

·       Define Geographies

·       Define Enterprise Structure


Checklists, Schedules, Trees and Journeys

·       Create Checklists

·       Configure Journeys

·       Define Schedules

·       Configure Profile Options and Lookups

·       Define Calendar Events and Geography Trees

·       Configure Trees


Workflow, Approvals, and Notifications

·       Explain Approval Policies

·       Manage Approval Rules and Approver Types

·       Deploy Notifications

·       Manage Approval Transactions

·       Use Alert Composer