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Oracle Absence Management Cloud Overview

·       Describe the main features of Absence Management

·       Describe the setup components of Absence Management

·       Describe the difference between Absence Type and Absence Plan

·       Describe the types of absence plans available in Absence Management


Absence Accrual Plans

·       Explain the absence management processes related to accrual plans

·       Set up derived factors

·       Configure eligibility profiles

·       Create a repeating time period

·       Create absence accrual plans


Absence Qualification Plans

·       Describe the plans terms available for qualification plans

·       Explain the absence management processes related to qualification plans

·       Identify the components for the qualification entitlements display

·       Create absence qualification plans


Absence Types

·       Describe the impact of work schedules on absence duration calculations

·       Explain absence type patterns and display features

·       Create a work schedule (including Public Holidays) and assign to employee(s)

·       Create absence types

·       Schedule absences using the Absence Self-Service pages


Certification Action Items

·       Describe the types and usages of certification action items

·       Configure Certifications (document and entitlement change types)

·       Set up Certifications (document and entitlement change types) within Absence Type

·       Manage Absence Certifications (schedule process, track due dates, status, etc.)


Administration Tasks

·       Administering plan enrollments and adjustments

·       Create, maintain and recalculate absence records

·       Explain and execute Absence Management processes


Payroll Integration

·       Describe the setup tasks required to integrate with Global Payroll

·       Integrate Absence Management and Global Payroll

·       Set up rate definitions in Absence Management


Compensatory and Donation Plans

·       Explain Compensatory Time plan rules

·       Explain Donation plan rules

·       Create Compensatory time and Donation plans

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