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Time and Labor Overview

·       Main Features of Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management

·       Time and Labor Time Management Business Process


Time and Labor Scheduling

·       Viewing Worker and Team Schedules as a Worker and Manager

·       Managing Shift Properties

·       Creating Scheduler Profiles

·       Planning And Publishing Schedules


Workforce Management and Time and Labor Overview

·       Workforce Management Components Used with Time and Labor

·       Worker and Manager Time Entry Options

·       Tasks that Managers Perform in the Time Management Work Area


Time and Labor Integrations

·       Absence Management with Time and Labor: Overview

·       Global Payroll with Time and Labor: Overview

·       Project Costing with Time and Labor: Overview


Repeating Time Periods and Time Consumers Sets

·       Repeating Time Periods

·       Creating Repeating Time Periods

·       Supported Time Consumers

·       Time Consumer Configurations

·       Creating Project Costing and Global Payroll Time Consumer Sets


Managing Layout Sets

·       Purpose of Layouts and Layout Sets

·       Purpose of the Edit Layout Guided Process Pages

·       Configuring the Project Costing Layout Set


HCM Groups

·       Purpose of Groups

·       Group Priority Assignment

·       Creating HCM Groups


Worker Setup Profiles

·       Purpose of Setup Profiles

·       Delivered Setup Profiles

·       Assigning and Prioritizing Profiles

·       Creating Worker Time Entry and Time Processing Setup Profiles


Project Costing Time Entry, Approval, and Transfer

·       Identifying Where Workers and Time and Labor Managers Report Time

·       Using the Time Work Area to Report Project Costing Time

·       Time Approval Flow

·       Time Card Approval Components

·       Approving Time as a Project Manager

·       Transferring Time as a Projects Time Consumer

·       Troubleshooting Time Transfer


Custom Time Attributes

·       Purpose of Time Attributes and User-Defined Time Attributes

·       Delivered Time Attributes

·       Value Sets and Values

·       Attribute Categories

·       User and Administrative Data Sources

·       Creating Your Own Time Attribute


Single-Attribute Time Card Fields

·       Purpose of Time Card Fields

·       Difference between Single-Attribute and Multiple-Attribute Time Card Fields

·       Data Sources for Time Reporters and Administrators

·       Creating a Single-Attribute Time Card Field

·       Configuring User Data Source Filters that Depend on Another Attribute Value


Time Rules and Rule Sets

·       Creating Time Entry Rules

·       Creating Time Entry Rule Sets

·       Associating Rule Sets with Workers


Payroll Time Entry, Error and Exception Resolution, Approvals, and Transfer

·       Entering Time Using Time Cards

·       Editing and Submiting Saved Time Cards

·       Adjusting Time Entries on Time Cards

·       Resolving Time Entry Exceptions

·       Approving Payroll Time

·       Transferring Payroll Time to Global Payroll


Web Clocks Buttons

·       Creating Web Clock Buttons

·       Configuring the Web Clock Layout


Multiple-Attribute Time Card Fields

·       Configuring the Structure Of Multiple-Attribute Definitions

·       Time Attributes and Filter Variable Settings

·       Configuring Options During Multiple-Attribute Time Card Field Creation

·       Configuring Dependent Time Card Fields for Multiple-Attribute Time Card Fields

·       Dependent Time Card Field Availability Settings that Determine the Display Options in Time Card Layouts


Combined Project Costing and Payroll Time Entry Configuration

·       Combined Entry of Project Costing and Payroll Time

·       Delivered Setup Components that Enable the Reporting of Projects and Payroll Time on a Single Time Card


Determining Required Time Entry and Time Processing Objects

·       Identifying the Time Entry and Time Processing Objects Required for an Implementation


Time Categories

·       Purpose of Time Categories

·       Using Time Categories in Time Consumer Sets, Rule Sets, and Rules

·       Identifying Time Category Condition Components

·       Creating Time Categories that Use Two Conditions


Rule Templates

·       Creating Time Entry, Calculation, Device, and Submission Rule Templates


Time Collection Device Setup

·       Adding Device Supplier and Supplier Device Event Lookup Codes

·       Creating Time Collection Device Event Mappings and Mapping Sets

·       Creating Export Data Configurations

·       Setting Shift Limits and Violation Types

·       Creating Time Device and Submission Rules and Rule Sets

·       Creating Time Device Processing Profiles


Processing Time Collection Device Events

·       Exporting Data to Time Collection Devices Using the Workforce Management Time Device Export Data Process Explaining Time Device and Web Clock Event Validation and Processing


Mass Time Generation and Approval

·       Generating Time Cards, Time Events, and Time Entries

·       Editing and Approving Time Cards



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