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·       Describe primary Time and Labor business processes

·       Configure general system settings

·       Configure published schedules, team schedules and schedule change audits


Repeating Time Periods

·       Create time period definitions that produce repeating periods for use in time card entry, approvals, time rules processing, and overtime periods.


Time Attributes

·       Configure Custom Time Attributes and Time Entry Layout Components for allow for the reporting and viewing of single and multiple attribute time card fields and web clock buttons.

·       Explain Compensatory Time


Integrations with Absence Management, Payroll, and Projects

·       Describe the setup required to validate, approve, and transfer reported time from Time and Labor to Payroll for payment

·       Describe how to manage value sets and time card fields to set up Project Time Entry

·       Describe the setup required to report, approve, and transfer absences enter on time cards

·       Describe how to set up time collection device integration to reduce administration and time entry errors


Time Categories, Layout Sets, Time Consumer Sets, and Groups

·       Build a collection of time entry layouts for entering, reviewing, and approving time

·       Create groupings of time attributes as categories, and use them to group time entries for summarizing, validating, and transferring time; and for processing time rules

·       Build time consumer sets that specify approval periods, validation rules, and time transfer rules for each time consumer

·       Set up group definitions that are used by Time and Labor

·       Configure mass time card creation and mass time entry


Time Rules

·       Configure templates that enable the reuse of a formula to define multiple rules

·       Configure time entry and time calculation rules based on rule templates

·       Build sets of time entry and time calculation rules that can be assigned to a group of workers using the worker time processing profile

·       Configure Workforce Compliant Rules and Alert Framework Notifications

·       Time Processing and Time Entry Profiles

·       Configure worker time processing profiles that associate rule sets, a time consumer set, and time card periods to report, validate, approve, attestation options and transfer time

·       Build worker time entry profiles that associate a layout set and time entry actions to control access to any time entries

·       Configuring change audit options for time entry changes and published schedule changes

·       Scheduling


Manage shift properties

·       Define scheduler profiles



·       Configure approval groups and approval types

·       Configure time card approval tasks and rules

·       Set up approval rules to override the normal approval flow of a timecard

·       Explain Mass submit and approve Timecards processes


Time Devices

·       Explain Time Device Setup, Time Device Processing, Time Device Rules, and Time Entry Rules


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