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Oracle Learning Cloud Configurations

·       Describe Basic Configurations

·       Configure Scheduled Processes

·       Configure Fields and Lookup Values

Self-Paced Offerings

·       Upload and manage Content

·       Create and manage Courses

·       Create and manage Offerings


Instructor-Led and Blended Offerings

·       Manage ILT Offerings and Resources

·       Manage Blended Offerings

·       Manage Offering Activities



·       Manage sections, completion rules and other attributes


Learning Requests, Assignments and Initiatives

·       Set up and manage Learning Requests and Approvals

·       Create and manage Learning Assignments

·       Create and manage Learning Initiatives


Learning Catalog

·       Apply Access Rules

·       Describe Access Groups


Learning Communities

·       Manage Membership

·       Manage Community Catalog

·       Manage Community Assignments

Bulk Upload Data

·       Upload Learning History

·       Upload Catalog Items


Other Learning Cloud features

·       Create and manage Learning Outcomes and Evaluations

·       Create Reports

·       Analyze Notifications