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Oracle HCM Cloud: Career and Succession Planning and Talent Review Course Overview

·       Lesson and Course Objectives

·       Course Schedule

·       Outline of Course Hands-On Activities

·       Oracle Fusion Resources


Introduction to the Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface

·       Introducing Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service

·       Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface

·       Introducing Oracle Talent Management Cloud

·       Introducing Talent Management Main Business Activities

·       Demonstrating Oracle Cloud Applications Help


Functional Setup Manager: Enabling Offerings for Initial Use

·       Implementing Oracle Fusion Applications

·       Understanding the Job Roles for Implementation

·       Functional Setup Manager Overview

·       Enabling Offerings

·       Creating Implementation Projects and Assigning Implementation Tasks


Configuring and Managing Career Development

·       Career Development Overview

·       Configuring Career Development Feature Choices

·       Career Development Notification Overview


Manage Career Development Goals

·       Establishing Development Plans for Workers

·       Managing Worker Development Goals

·       Assigning Development Goals to Workers

·       Sharing and Approving Developing Goals

·       Sharing and Approving Developing Goals

·       Exploring Roles for Worker Career Interest


Manage Succession Plans

·       Succession Management Overview

·       Succession Management Integrations and Setup

·       Creating and Managing Succession Plans

·       Succession Plan Types, Security, and Access


Manage Talent Pools

·       Talent Pools Overview and Integrations

·       Creating and Managing Talent Pools

·       Adding Members and Goals to Talent Pools

·       Talent Pool Security and Access


Define Talent Review

·       Talent Review Overview and Life Cycle

·       Talent Review Integrations

·       Talent Review Setup and Maintenance Tasks

·       Potential Assessment

·       Talent Review Template


Manage Talent Review Meetings

·       Creating Talent Review Meetings

·       Preparing Data Content before a Talent Review Meeting

·       Conducting a Talent Review Meeting


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