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·       Establish worker goals

·       Configure goals and define worker goal setting objectives

·       Describe goal management concepts

·       Configure goal setup options

·       Manage the goal library

·       Configure goal plans

·       Implement employee goals

·       Configure eligibility criteria



·       Define questionnaire objectives

·       Manage questions

·       Implement questionnaires and templates

·       Scoring Questionnaires


Performance Management

·       Explain performance documents

·       Set goals and competencies in a performance document

·       Evaluate goals and competencies

·       Configure worker performance objectives

·       Configure performance setup options

·       Manage performance roles

·       Build performance template sections

·       Implement performance document approvals

·       Configure performance notifications


Succession Plans and Talent Pools

·       Describe succession management integrations

·       Create and manage succession plans

·       Describe talent pools integrations

·       Create and manage talent pools


Talent Review

·       Configure talent review dashboard options

·       Conduct a talent review

·       Manage talent review data

·       Review an action plan

·       Perform talent search and profile comparisons


Career Development

·       Explain concepts and processes for Development Goals, Exploring Roles, and Careers of Interest


Profile Management

·       Manage Profiles



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