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Explaining the basic concepts of Inbound, Outbound, and Warehousing

·       Describing Inbound Logistics

·       Describing Outbound Logistics

·       Explaining Value Added Services

·       Describing Material Control

·       Defining Foundation Terms


Oracle Order to Cash Cloud Overview

·        Configure and Use Sales Orders

Global Order Promising (GOP)

·       Manage Global Order Promising

Order Transformation

·       Configure Order Transformation

·       Describe Source Systems

·       Describe Web Services

Order Orchestration

·       Manage Orchestration Processes

·       Manage Fulfillment Systems

Change Management and Process Assignment

·       Configure Change Management for Sales Orders

·       Revise Orders (add, modify, or cancel

Processing Constraints and Hold Codes

·       Create a Constraint Entity and a Processing Constraint (including Order Validation)

Managing External Interfaces

·       Create External Interface Routing Rules

·       Import Orders

·       Delete orders from interface tables

Configure Orders

·       Select Configurable options in a Configurable product


·       Manage Shipping Settings

·       Manage Shipment Tolerances for Sales Orders

Advance Fulfillment and Integrations

·       Explain Advance Order processing (Back to Back, ISO, DropShip)

·       Fulfill Orders through Procurement and Manufacturing

·       Supply Chain Orchestration

Reporting and Analytics for Order Management

·       Set up BI and Reporting

·       Set up Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) Metrics

·       Describe customized Reporting

Oracle Configurator Cloud

·       Manage Configurator Constructs

·       Manage Configurator Model Structures

·       Define Configurator Rules

·       Create a Multi-Channel User Interface

·       Use Configurator Models to configure services and related items

Oracle Pricing Cloud

·       Define Pricing Cloud Structure

·       Manage Pricing Cloud Components

·       Extending Pricing Cloud

Costing and Inventory Foundations

·        Explain Common Inventory Configurations

·       Describe Managerial Accounting Basics

·       Explain Cost Accounting

Channel Revenue Management

·       Explain Supplier Channel Management

·       Describe Export of Supplier Claims to Excel

·       Manage Claims for Deductions and Overpayments



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