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Overview of AGIS

·       Understand the importance of Intracompany and Intercompany Transactions

·       Introduce the balancing rules

·       Introduce how AGIS integrates with ledgers and subledgers


Setup AGIS

·       Define Employees, Legal Entities and Ledgers

·       Define Intracompany balancing rules and Intercompany Accounts

·       Define Intercompany Organizations and Security

·       Review Transaction Types

·       Review Invoicing Options and period statuses

·       Review Intercompany system options

·       Review Approvals Management

·       Review transaction accounting setup in Subledger Accounting (SLA)


Intercompany Journals

·       Perform an Intracompany Journal within a single ledger

·       Perform an Intercompany Journal within a single ledger


Intercompany Transactions

·       Perform an Intercompany Transaction requiring invoicing

·       Perform an Intercompany Transaction in Web ADI

·       Transfer Journals to General Ledger


Reporting and Reconciliation

·       Identify and run Intercompany Standard Reports

·       Perform Intercompany Reconciliation

·       Assigning Parent Values to Rollup Groups

·       Entering Summary Account Templates

·       Discussing Implementation Considerations


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