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Project Management Overview

·       Describe the components of Oracle Project Management Cloud

·       Explain the components available for integration


Navigation, User Experience, Personalization and Approvals

·       Describe the business processes that are supported by approvals and workflows

·       Set up approval and notification tasks

·       Describe Navigation, User Experience and Personalization Concepts


Applications Security Overview

·       Describe the Applications Security Console

·       Identify the roles delivered in a seeded security implementation

·       Manage roles and duties


Functional Setup Manager

·       Describe Functional Setup Manager

·       Describe the Rapid Implementation Workbook


Common Project configuration

·       Manage Subledger Accounting

·       Set up Project Financial Management Organizations

·       Manage Reference Data Sharing


Configure Project Foundation

·       Set up Project Calendars and Periods

·       Setup Types and Categorizations

·       Manage Project Resources

·       Describe Rate Schedules

·       Describe Project Types

·       Set up Transaction Sources

·       Labor Schedule


Configure Project Costing

·       Configure Project Cost Collection Center

·       Manage Burdening

·       Manage Allocations

·       Explain capitalized interest calculations

·       Describe Budgetary Controls

·       Configure Time & Labor for projects

·       Manage Integrations


Configure Project Control

·       Manage Project Budgets and Forecasts


Configure Project Billing

·       Configure Project Cross Charging and Transfer Pricing

·       Configure and Manage Project Invoicing and Revenue


Configure Project Performance Reporting

·       Configure and Manage Key Performance Indicators for Project Performance Reporting


Configure Project Management

·       Describe common project execution components

·       Manage Issues and Deliverables

·       Describe project requirements

·       Configure Social Network for Project Execution

·       Manage Project Gates

·       Use Application Composer for Project Execution Management


Configure Project Resource Management

·       Define Project Enterprise Labor Resources


Program Management

·       Program Management and Reporting



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