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·       Course Objectives

·       Course Goals

·       Database schemas used in this course

·       The Purchase Order XML schema purchase orderxsd used in the XML DB Course


Introducing the XML Document

·       Extensible Markup Language

·       Advantages of Using XML

·       XML Standards

·       Document Object Model

·       Oracle XML Support

·       Using XML in Oracle JDeveloper

·       Building XML Applications with Oracle Technology

·       Creating an Application and Project in JDeveloper


Validating XML with a Document Type Definitions (DTDs)

·       What Is a Document Type Definition?

·       Why Validate an XML Document?

·       General DTD Rules

·       The Contents of a DTD

·       Referencing the DTD

·       Element, Attribute, and Entities Declarations

·       Complete DTD: Example

·       Validating XML Against a DTD


Modularizing XML with Namespaces

·       What Is an XML Namespace?

·       Why Use XML Namespaces

·       Declaring XML Namespaces

·       XML Namespace prefixes

·       Example of XML Namespace Declarations

·       Scope of XML Namespace Declarations

·       Invoking the ShowXmlNS Tool


Validating XML Documents

·       What is an XML Schema?

·       The Benefits of XML Schemas

·       XML Schema Versus DTD

·       Validating an XML Document with an XML Schema Document

·       Referencing an XML Schema with the schemaLocation Attribute

·       Components of an XML Schema

·       Creating an XML Schema Document in JDeveloper

·       Creating an XML Document from an XML Schema


Navigating XML Documents by Using XPath

·       What Is XML Path Language?

·       The XPath Model

·       XPath Expressions

·       The Location Path Expression

·       Location Steps in XPath Expressions

·       XPath Axes and Node Test Types

·       XPath Functions

·       Testing XPath Expressions


Transforming XML by Using XSL Transformations

·       What Is XSL?

·       XSL Transformations

·       The XSLT Stylesheet

·       Using an XSLT Stylesheet with an XML Document

·       Viewing the Transformed Document

·       Creating and Applying Template Rules

·       Conditional Processing with and

·       Using Modes


Working With XQuery

·       What is XQuery?

·       Applications of XQuery

·       XQuery Terminology and Data Model

·       Conversion of XML into a Query Data Model

·       XQuery Syntax Rules

·       XQuery Support in JDeveloper

·       XQuery Expressions, Functions, and Operators

·       Using FLWOR Expressions


Introduction to Oracle XML DB

·       What Is Oracle XML DB?

·       Oracle XML DB Benefits

·       When to Use Oracle XML DB?

·       How Is Oracle XML DB Implemented?

·       Oracle XML DB: Features

·       Using the XMLType

·       XMLType Storage Models

·       XML Schema Support in Oracle Database 12c