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Course Overview

·       Course Objectives

·       Suggested Schedule

·       Course Environment

·       Accessing the labs Directory



·       Product Overview

·       Reviewing Terms and Concepts

·       Performing Database Administration and Linux Review


Installing Oracle Application Express

·       Overview

·       Identifying Pre-installation Tasks

·       Installing Oracle Application Express

·       Administering Post Installation Tasks


Installing and Configuring Oracle REST Data Services

·       Installing Oracle REST Data Services

·       Configuring Oracle REST Data Services in Standalone Mode


Creating Workspaces

·       Managing Instance and Workspace Administration

·       Creating Workspaces

·       Creating Users

·       Creating Schemas

·       Managing Existing Workspaces


Configuring Administration Services

·       Configuring Instance Settings

·       Configuring Security Settings

·       Configuring Features


Administering a Workspace

·       Managing Administration Page and Tasks

·       Managing Services

·       Creating Users and Groups

·       Monitoring Activity

·       Using Dashboards


Administering An APEX Instance

·       Managing Service Requests

·       Managing Session State

·       Exporting/Importing Workspaces

·       Managing Public Themes

·       Monitoring Activity

·       Managing Announcements

·       Managing Custom Applications



·       Learning about the APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN API

·       Managing Workspaces

·       Managing Schemas

·       Managing Parameters


Key APEX Administration Tasks

·       Managing Instance Administrator Tasks

·       Administering DBA Tasks

·       Managing Schemas

·       Troubleshooting



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