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Introduction to Oracle Applications and OAF

·       Oracle Applications Framework

·       OAF and MVC OAF

·       Process Flow

·       More about OAF


JDeveloper Overview

·       JDeveloper Features

·       Building OAF Application in JDeveloper

·       Configuring JDeveloper Preferences


Basics of the Model

·       Understand the basics of BC4J

·       Understand an Entity Object

·       Understand a View Object

·       Understand an Application Module


Basics of the View

·       Understand the terminology

·       Building a basic OA Framework

·       Page List of Values

·       Building Search Regions


Debugging OA Framework Applications

·       Using JDeveloper debugger

·       Examine Runtime variables and arguments

·       Modify Runtime variables and arguments


Basics of the Controller

·       Understanding OA Framework Controller

·       Enhance an OA Framework page

·       OA Framework : Message Dictionary


OA Framework Event Flows

·       Initial Setup Flow

·       Controller Event Flows

·       Request Flow (GET)

·       Submit Flow (POST)


Naming Conventions and Standards

·       General Naming Rules

·       Package Naming

·       Page and Region Naming

·       Item Naming


Error Handling

·       Exception types and

·       Classes Bundled exceptions

·       Dialog pages

·       Debugging messages


Implementing Business Logic

·       Client Validations

·       Required values and Data types Server Validations

·       Entity object and View object validations


Partial Page Rendering

·       Using Auto Submit

·       Using Partial Submit

·       Trigger and Target Components

·       Implementing Partial Page Rendering


OA Framework State Management

·       OA Framework State Caches

·       Passivation

·       button support


OA Framework Extension

·       Types of Extension

·       Overriding Default Values

·       Override Attribute Validation


OA Framework Performance Tuning

·       BC4J and JDBC Guidelines

·       SQL Tracing

·       Monitor Connection Pool

·       OA Framework Performance Standards


Application Menus and Function Security

·       OA Framework page menus

·       Registering functions for OA Framework pages

·       Creating Responsibilities and Users

·       Using JSP test page


Implementing Internationalization

·       Date and Time zone Internationalization

·       Number and Currency Internationalization

·       Testing Internationalization


Deploying OA Framework Applications

·       Creating Deployment Profiles

·       Deploying Model

·       deploying View and Controller



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