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Introduction to Visual Builder Studio and Visual Builder

·       Intended Audience

·       Visual Builder Studio – A Complete Project Platform

·       Develop Visual Apps with Visual Builder Studio

·       VBS and VB Bespoke Functional Architecture


Create Visual Applications in Visual Builder

·       Overview of Visual Application

·       Options for Working with Visual Application in VBS

·       Opening a Workspace

·       Create Flows and Pages

·       Create One Design with Dynamic Components

·       Manage Visual Application Settings


Configure and Manage Service Connections in Visual Application

·       Visual Builder Service Connections

·       Manage Application Profiles

·       Create an External Service Connection

·       Display Data from REST Service


Connection to Data with Business Objects

·       Data Sources in Visual Builder

·       Add a Field for Aggregating Data

·       Create and Edit Business Object Relationships

·       Use Groovy to Access to Parent from Child

·       Secure Business Objects

·       What is the Diagrammer


  Develop Visual Applications

·       Anatomy of Visual Applications

·       Basic Components and Building Blocks

·       Types of Events: Components

·       Understand Variables and Scope

·       Built in Variables

·       Visual Builder Types

·       Service Data Provider (SDP) Types and Variables

·       Define Filter Criteria for SDP Variables

·       Add and Edit Page to a Selected Table Event

·       Investigate How to Edit Page is Constructed

·       Page Flow and Navigation

·       Pass Parameters Between Pages? Define Variables

·       Pass Parameters Between Pages? Define Action Chain

·       Use Fragments to Manage and Reuse Code

·       Add Row Selection Event and Fragment


Developing with Components

·       Visual Builder UI Components

·       Modify the Shell Page Header and Footer

·       Use Lists Instead of Tables

·       Combo boxes and Select Components

·       Visualize Data using Charts and Gauges

·       Styling the Oracle Redwood Theme

·       About Containers and Layout Components in Pages

·       Use Dynamic Components to Create Flexible Pages

·       Create a Dynamic Components Based on User Role

·       Add JET Components to Visual Builder


  Enhance Visual Builder Applications

·       Build Queries with Components? Input Text

·       Build a Query: use RowKey as Filter

·       Use Cascading Selection Lists of Values (LOVs)

·       Show Additional Data for Selection Components

·       Create a Visual Application for the VBCookbook

·       Adding Swipe Motion to Navigate to Mobile Apps

·       Audit Your Application

·       Enable Progressive Web Application Functionality


Building, Packaging, and Deploying Visual Applications

·       Review Source Code with Merge Requests

·       Reviewer Opens a Merge Request

·       Set a Version Number for Your Application

·       Customize Your Builds Using Grunt

·       Optimize a Specific Web Application