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Narrative Reporting Overview

·       Describe the Report Package development and management lifecycle

Setting up and Managing Narrative Reporting Environment

·       Customize setting up appearance and uploading additional fonts

·       Describe the Narrative Reporting library and what actions can be performed

·       Set up Narrative Reporting security

·       Explain audits supported in Narrative Reporting - service administrators and users

·       Perform lifecycle management for different scenarios

·       Execute File Transfer Utility commands


Creating Report Package

·       Describe report package and its components

·       Identify report package design considerations

·       Describe development phases, roles of users and actions that can be performed

·       Create basic report package structure

·       Build content adding doclets and supplemental doclets

·       Build content adding Excel content to reference doclet

·       Build content adding management report to reference doclet

·       Create PDF-based report package structure


Managing Report Packages (Workflow)

·       Manage the author phase

·       Manage the review phase

·       Describe performing collaborative and iterative reviews

·       Manage the sign off phase

·       Distribute report packages


Working with Management Reporting

·       Describe management reporting and key differentiating benefits

·       Design and edit reports

·       Design and edit grids 

·       Create and manage books

·       Create bursting definition

·       Create and manage notes



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