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Initial Setup

·       Enable B2B Service features

·       Describe the B2B Service security model 

·       Use Functional Setup Manager (FSM) 


Service Request (SR) Management

·       Set up SR creation and handling

·       Configure a Service Request Category

·       Describe common SR processing activities

·       Identify common SR searches

·       Configure a Service Catalog

·       Implement an SR assignment mapping



·       Describe entitlement concepts (coverage, milestones)

·       Manage milestones

·       Set up standard coverage

·       Set up default coverage

·       Configure action plans


Knowledge Management (KM)

·       Identify KM enablement activities (products/categories, security, features)

·       Author KM articles

·       Set up 'My Knowledge' page


Digital Customer Service (DCS)

·       Describe DCS architecture components (themes, templates, pages)

·       Describe DCS enablement activities (profiles, roles, authentication)

·       Describe DCS components (products, contact, KM, SR creator, admin)

·       Create and Configure a DCS Application


Omnichannel Communications

·       Perform Email set up a-ctivities (inbound setup, outbound setup, templates)

·       Configure CTI notifications

·       Configure media toolbar

·       Configure Chat

·       Configure Work Routing

·       Configure Agent Notifications


Productivity Features

·       Set up Hotkeys 

·       Set up SmartText

·       Enable SR Audit


Advanced Configuration, Integration and Analytics

·       Identify mechanisms of B2B Service customization

·       Use tools used to configure and customize B2B Service

·       Explain B2B service integration architecture and mechanisms

·       Perform file-based import and export

·       Describe Analytics concepts (infolets, subject areas, queries)

·       Modify an Analytics report


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