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Introduction to Smart View

·       Smart View Overview

·       Smart View Product Architecture

·       Installing Smart View

·       Smart View Excel Interface

·       Managing Data Source Connections


Entering Data in Data Forms and Data Grids

·       Opening Financial Managment Documents in Smart View

·       Enter and Submitting Data

·       Entering Cell Text

·       Adjusting Data Values

·       Setting the Point of View

·       Calculating and Consolidating Data


Analyzing Data with Ad Hoc Analysis Tools

·       Creating Ad Hoc Grids

·       Pivoting Dimensinos

·       Selecting Members for Rows and Columns

·       Setting Member and Data Displays Options

·       Applying Cell Formatting and Formulas

·       Cascading Grids


Creating Free Form and Query Designer Reports

·       Creating Free Form Grids

·       Creating Smart View Function Worksheets

·       Working with Query Designer


Creating Reports Using Smart Slices

·       Smart Slice Overview

·       Creating Smart Slices

·       Inserting Reporting Objects in Smart Slice Reports

·       Inserting Point of View Objects in Smart Slice Reports


Integrating Smart View Data With Other Products

·       Copying and Pasting Data Points Across Microsoft Office

·       Importing Financial Reporting Reports into Excel

·       Importing Financial Reporting Reports into Word and PowerPoint

·       Changing the Point of View for Imported Financial Reporting Reports