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·       Overview of Oracle Data Integrator


ODI Knowledge Modules: Overview

·       Working with Knowledge Modules

·       Developing Knowledge Modules

·       ODI Knowledge Modules: Overview


Developing Knowledge Modules

·       Using Substitution Methods: Code Examples

·       Developing Knowledge Modules: Best Practices

·       Using Java in KMs

·       Troubleshooting Knowledge Modules


Designing ODI Integration Mappings

·       Designing Integration Mappings: Best Practices

·       Maintaining Integrity of Data

·       Integration Process: Overview

·       Integration Mappings: Overview


Designing Advanced Integration Mappings

·       Partitioning

·       ODI Mappings: Advanced Functionality

·       Reusable Mappings


Using Variables in ODI

·       Tracking Variables

·       Using Variables: Overview

·       Using Variables in ODI Objects


Accelerating Development with Groovy

·       Using Groovy Editor

·       Performing SDK Tasks Using Java with Groovy Editor

·       Interacting Programmatically with ODI


Working with ASCII Files

·       Complex Files: Configuring the Topology

·       Complex Files in Integration Projects

·       Complex Files Concepts: Overview


Integration of ODI in Enterprise Environment and SOA

·       Invoking Web Services

·       Using Web Services with ODI: Overview

·       ODI Integration with Java EE

·       Integration of ODI with SOA


Enhancing ODI Security

·       Security Integration

·       ODI Security: Overview

·       Implementing a Strongly Secured Approach

·       Configuring ODI External Authentication


Choosing Integration Strategies: Best Practices

·       Working on ODI Projects: Best Practices

·       Real-Time Data Integration: Using ODI with Oracle GoldenGate

·       Strategies with Staging Area on the Target

·       Strategies with Staging Area Different from the Target

·       Using ODI for Bulk Processing

·       Defining an ODI Integration Strategies


Cubes and Dimensions

·       Create Cubes

·       Overview of Dimensions

·       Create Dimensions

·       Overview of a Cube




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