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·       Course Objectives, Course Agenda and Class Account Information

·       Describe the Schemas and Appendices used in the Lesson

·       Overview of SQL*Plus Environment

·       Overview of SQL Developer

·       Overview of Analytic SQL

·       Oracle Database SQL and Data Warehousing Documentation


Grouping and Aggregating Data Using SQL

·       Generating Reports by Grouping Related Data

·       Review of Group Functions

·       Reviewing GROUP BY and HAVING Clause

·       Using the ROLLUP and CUBE Operators

·       Using the GROUPING Function

·       Working with GROUPING SET Operators and Composite Columns

·       Using Concatenated Groupings with Example


Hierarchical Retrieval

·       Using Hierarchical Queries

·       Sample Data from the EMPLOYEES Table

·       Natural Tree Structure

·       Hierarchical Queries: Syntax

·       Walking the Tree: Specifying the Starting Point

·       Walking the Tree: Specifying the Direction of the Query

·       Using the WITH Clause

·       Hierarchical Query Example: Using the CONNECT BY Clause


Working with Regular Expressions

·       Introducing Regular Expressions

·       Using the Regular Expressions Functions and Conditions in SQL and PL/SQL

·       Introducing Metacharacters

·       Using Metacharacters with Regular Expressions

·       Regular Expressions Functions and Conditions: Syntax

·       Performing a Basic Search Using the REGEXP_LIKE Condition

·       Finding Patterns Using the REGEXP_INSTR Function

·       Extracting Substrings Using the REGEXP_SUBSTR Function


Analyzing and Reporting Data Using SQL

·       Overview of SQL for Analysis and Reporting Functions

·       Using Analytic Functions

·       Using the Ranking Functions

·       Using Reporting Functions


Performing Pivoting and Unpivoting Operations

·       Performing Pivoting Operations

·       Using the PIVOT and UNPIVOT Clauses

·       Pivoting on the QUARTER Column: Conceptual Example

·       Performing Unpivoting Operations

·       Using the UNPIVOT Clause Columns in an UNPIVOT Operation

·       Creating a New Pivot Table: Example


Pattern Matching using SQL

·       Row Pattern Navigation Operations

·       Handling Empty Matches or Unmatched Rows

·       Excluding Portions of the Pattern from the Output

·       Expressing All Permutations

·       Rules and Restrictions in Pattern Matching

·       Examples of Pattern Matching


Modeling Data Using SQL

·       Using the MODEL clause

·       Demonstrating Cell and Range References

·       Using the CV Function

·       Using FOR Construct with IN List Operator, incremental values and Subqueries

·       Using Analytic Functions in the SQL MODEL Clause

·       Distinguishing Missing Cells from NULLs

·       Using the UPDATE, UPSERT and UPSERT ALL Options

·       Reference Models


Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service Overview

·       Oracle BI Cloud Service

·       Introducing Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service

·       Guidance Through Exploratory Analysis & Deep Discovery through Rich Feature Set

·       BICS Can Integrate Any Data Source Quickly

·       BICS Makes Any Time The Right Time For New Insights

·       Speed, Flexibility and Economy of Cloud

·       Immediate Access to New Functionality

·       Enterprise-Grade Service Reliability




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