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Automating Cloud Tasks

·       Use the OCI CLI to simplify repetitive tasks

·       Utilize configuration management tools to control infrastructure

·       Manage infrastructure as code


Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting

·       Explain Troubleshooting resource availability and accessibility

·       Validate OCI performance


Managing Cost

·       Utilize billing tools to track cost

·       Implement compartment quotas, budgets and billing alerts


Security and Compliance

·       Create secure access control policies

·       Configure Vulnerability Scanning and Web Application Firewall

·       Describe and Configure OCI Vault

·       Configure Data Guard, Security Zone and Security Advisor (Missing in ILP)


Monitoring and Alerting

·       Understand Metric Query Language (MQL) (Missing in ILP)

·       Create and managing alarms

·       Implement automated notifications


Data Retention and Archival

·       Use Object Storage Lifecycle policies for tiered data storage

·       Manage automated block storage and database backups

·       Implement cross-region data copy strategies


Designing for cloud-scale agility

·       Utilize edge services for automated failover/recovery

·       Implement hybrid network environments



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