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Configure your tenancy for OCI Data Science

·       Discuss OCI Data Science Overview & Concepts

·       Discuss Accelerated Data Science (ADS) SDK Capabilities

·       Configure your tenancy for Data Science


Design and Set up OCI Data Science Workspace

·       Create and manage Projects and Notebook sessions

·       Create and manage Conda environments

·       Store credentials via OCI Vault

·       Configure and manage source code in Code Repositories (Git)


Implement end-to-end Machine Learning Lifecycle

·       Discuss ML Lifecycle Overview

·       Access data from different sources

·       Explore and Prepare data

·       Visualize and Profile data

·       Create and train models using OCI and Open source Libraries

·       Create and Use automated ML capability from Oracle AutoML

·       Evaluate models

·       Obtain Global & Local Model Explanations

·       Manage Models using Model Catalog

·       Deploy & Invoke a Cataloged Model


Apply MLOps Practices

·       Discuss general MLOps Architecture in OCI

·       Create & Manage Jobs for custom tasks

·       Scale with OCI Data Science

·       Monitor & Log using MLOps Practices


Use related OCI Services

·       Create and Manage Spark Applications using Data Flow and OCI Data Science

·       Explain core OCI Open Data Service concepts

·       Create and Export a Dataset using OCI Data Labeling

·       Use OCI AI Services for ML Solutions




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