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Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

·       Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Strategy

·       Regions + Availability Domains

·       Off-Box Network Virtualization

·       Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services


Identity and Access Management Service

·       Tenants and Compartments

·       Authorization and Policies

·       Access Control Using Compartments


Virtual Cloud Network Service

·       Subnets

·       Security Rules, Route Table

·       VCN Components

·       Multiple VNICs for Instances


Connectivity to on-premises Networks

·       OCI VPN

·       IPSec VPN

·       FastConnect


Compute Service

·       Compute: Bare Metal & Virtual Machines

·       Images and Custom Images

·       Boot Volumes


Block Volume Local NVMe Storage

·       Block Volume Service

·       Local NVMe SSD Devices

·       Managing Block Storage Volumes


File Storage

·       File Storage Service Features

·       Mounting an OCI File System

·       File Storage Services Snapshot



Object Storage Service

·       Object Storage Service Features

·       Cross-region Copy

·       Managing Access and Authentications


Load Balancing Service

·       Public/Private Load Balancing

·       Public Load Balancer Example Configuration


Data Migration

·       Planning

·       Offline and Online Transport

·       Data Transfer Appliance

·       Storage Gateway


Database Service

·       Database Service: Use Cases

·       Database Service: Platform Offerings

·       Bare Metal Database System

·       Database Editions and Versions


Autonomous Database Cloud Service

·       Deployment Options

·       Autonomous Database - Serverless

·       Autonomous Database – Dedicated


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS Service

·       Capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS

·       Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS


Traffic Management Policies

·       Traffic Management Concepts

·       Health Checks


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security Overview

·       Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security Capabilities


Key Management

·       Key Management capabilities

·       IAM Integration with Key Management

·       Key Management – Design Considerations


Web Application Firewall

·       WAF Concepts and Use Cases

·       WAF Architecture and Benefits



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