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DevOps Introduction

·       Course Introduction

·       DevOps Overview

·       DevOps Tools and Advantages

·       OCI-DevOps Services


Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code

·       Automation Overview

·       Configuration Management - Overview

·       Ansible with OCI

·       Intro to Terraform

·       Terraform Configurations

·       OCI Resource Manager Basics

·       Syncing Resource Manager and Infrastructure

·       Extending the Console


Microservices and Container Orchestration

·       Introduction: Microservices and Container Orchestration

·       Microservices Architecture: Overview

·       Design Methodology of Microservices

·       Introduction to Containerization

·       Docker Component

·       Demo: Docker Basic Commands

·       Working with Docker Images

·       Demo: Working with Docker Images and Repository

·       Introduction to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry OCIR

·       Managing OCIR

·       Demo: Managing OCIR

·       Introduction to Kubernetes

·       Overview of Kubernetes Architecture and it's main components

·       Components of Kubernetes Architecture and its features

·       Introduction to OKE

·       Prerequisite to create an OKE Cluster

·       Creating OKE Cluster on OCI

·       Demo: Creating an OKE Cluster

·       Setting Up Cluster Access

·       Demo: Setting Up Cluster Access

·       Deploying an Application to OKE

·       Demo: Deploying an Application to OKE

·       Observing an OKE Cluster

·       Accessing the OKE Dashboard

·       Demo: Accessing the OKE Dashboard

·       Scaling and Deleting the OKE Cluster

·       Demo: Scaling and Deleting the OKE Cluster


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Introduction to CI/CD

·       DevOps IAM Policies

·       Demo: Configuring OCI Security for DevOps

·       DevOps Projects and Code Repositories

·       Demo: Create a DevOps Project

·       Demo: Configuring a SSH authentication token

·       Demo: Code Repositories

·       Demo: Mirror Code Repository

·       Artifacts and Registries

·       Demo: Artifacts and Registries

·       Environments

·       Build Pipelines

·       Demo: Examining the build_spec.yaml file

·       Demo: Build Pipeline

·       Demo: Getting artifacts from your build pipeline

·       Deployment Pipeline

·       Demo: Deployment Pipeline

·       Demo: Combining build and deploy pipelines, and automated triggering

·       Continuous Testing and OCI Support for External Tools



·       DevSecOps Introduction

·       OCI Vault: Overview

·       OCI Vault: Integration with OCI Services

·       OCI Vault: Secrets Overview

·       Security for OKE: Overview

·       Security for OKE: IAM Policies and RBAC

·       Security for OKE: Kubernetes Secrets

·       Security for OKE: Cluster Security

·       Security for OKE: Node Pool Security

·       Security for OKE: Network Security

·       Security for OKE: Multi-Tenant Considerations

·       Security for OKE: Image Security

·       Security for Oracle Functions: Overview

·       Controlling Invoke and Management Access with IAM Policies

·       Defining Network Sources for Restricting Access to Functions

·       Leveraging Oracle Functions Support for Private Network Access


Observability Services

·       Introduction to Observability

·       Monitoring

·       Demo: Monitoring Service

·       Demo: Notifications Service

·       Demo: Setting up Oracle Linux for CLI

·       Demo: Notifications Service with CLI

·       Demo: Monitoring Service with CLI

·       Logging Service

·       Demo: Custom and Service Logs

·       Demo: Logging with CLI

·       Events Service

·       Demo: Events Service





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