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DevOps Introduction

·       Explain DevOps practices

·       Discuss DevOps solutions and tools

·       Describe DevOps as a service


Provision, configure and manage infrastructure using code and templates

·       Explain the concepts of Infrastructure as code

·       Provision infrastructure as code with OCI Resource Manager

·       Explain the Configuration Management process

·       Automate infrastructure configuration with OCI Anisble collection


Configure and manage Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

·       Automate Software Development Life Cycle using OCI DevOps service

·       Configure and manage source code in Code Repositories

·       Create and configure Build Pipelines

·       Create and configure Deployment Pipelines

·       Create and manage Artifacts for automated deployment


Build and deploy microservices using containers and manage using container orchestration engine

·       Explain and implement Microservices Architecture

·       Identify the need for containerization and create containers using docker

·       Create and manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry OCIR

·       Create and manage Kubernetes clusters with Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)


Enable DevSecOps

·       Discuss the concepts of DevSecOps

·       Configure and manage IAM policies and Dynamic Groups for DevOps resources

·       Secure OKE and Functions environments

·       Create and manage encryption keys and secrets in OCI Vault


Implement Monitoring and Observability

·       Explain the concepts of DevOps measurement

·       Monitor metrics with OCI Monitoring service

·       Create and manage logs with OCI Logging service

·       Track and report events with OCI Events service

·       Monitor and diagnose performance issues with OCI Application Performance Monitoring service


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