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ICS Overview

·        Basic architecture & use case overview

·        Understanding ICS components & capabilities

·        Basic configuration workflow steps


Creating Packages and Using Pre-built Integrations

·        Describe and use a pre-built ICS integration

·        Create, export, and import packages

·        Editing a pre-built ICS connection

·        Versioning integrations

·        Activating integrations


Configuring Adapters and Defining Connections

·        Understanding ICS built-in adapters

·        Configuring trigger and invoke adapter properties

·        Defining REST adapter properties

·        Defining SOAP adapter properties

·        Overview of available cloud adapters


Defining and Configuring Integrations

·        Describe the ICS-supported message exchange patterns

·        Understanding the steps for creating an ICS integration

·        Using the Basic Map Data 1-way and 2-way integration pattern

·        Using the publish to ICS integration pattern

·        Using the subscribe to ICS integration pattern

·        Overview of data mapping

·        Using other connections to enrich the response


Data Mapping and Lookups

·        Transforming data with the ICS mapper

·        Advanced mapping using XPath functions

·        Understanding ICS data lookups

·        Sharing information between applications using lookups

·        Using the built-in lookup function


Advanced Integrations and Orchestrations

·        Understanding content-based routing

·        Creating content-based routing filters and branches

·        Creating conditional expressions

·        Using the Orchestration integration pattern


Agents for SaaS and On-Premises Integration

·        Understand the benefits of using agents as compared to direct integration with on-premise applications

·        Describe how the agent framework implements connectivity for integrations

·        Understand the steps for installing an on-premises agent

·        Create a connection to on-premises endpoints

·        Describe the steps to perform an agent management task


Security / Schedules / Additional Features

·        Describe ICS security support at the integration flow level

·        List the predefined roles and privileges in ICS

·        Managing and assigning user roles

·        Managing security cerficates

·        Securing on-premises agents

·        Using integration schedules and jobs


Monitoring Integrations

·        Understand the main tasks available using the ICS monitor role in the ICS dashboard

·        Using the ICS dashboard to get runtime data and metrics

·        Understand how to filter and track messages

·        Configure and use business identifiers for tracking fields

·        Monitor and manage runtime integration errors


Managing Integrations Using the ICS REST API

·        Describe the ICS services that are exposed though REST APIs

·        Access REST API resources

·        Perform basic management tasks using the REST API

·        Using HTTP status codes for troubleshooting