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Data Management Introduction

·       Explain Oracle's Data Management Strategy

·       Discuss the different Oracle database offerings and deployment options (on-premises, DBCS, ADB, Exa, 3rd party cloud)

·       Discuss multi-cloud and hybrid cloud options for managing data using Oracle Cloud


Oracle Cloud Free Tier Account

·       Explain Oracle Cloud Free Tier Sign-up processes

·       Discuss functionality of the OCI Console

·       Explain the differences and uses of Free vs Always Free


Autonomous Database and Tools

·       Explore Autonomous Database, the various offerings and deployment options

·       Discuss ADB Instance Creation - provision, scale CPU and storage, start, stop, and clone

·       Describe ADB Tools and how to load data into ADB


Exadata and DBCS

·       Describe the use cases and business problems Exadata solves

·       Explain the various Exadata deployment options (C@C, Cloud Service, etc)

·       Discuss Lifecycle Management (patching, backup & recovery)

·       Describe DBCS offerings and when to use one over the other



·       Describe MySQL Database Service

·       Describe NoSQL Service


Converged Database

·       Describe multi-model and converged database use cases

·       Explain json, graph and spatial in the Oracle Database



·       Explain Oracle's Maximum Security Architecture

·       Explain Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture


Developing on Oracle Database

·       Explain the processes and concepts to Manage Autonomous Database: REST, APIs

·       Describe using database tools, SQL Developer, SQL Worksheet

·       Describe low-code APEX

·       Describe CI/CD SQLCl


Data Lake, Data Warehouse and Machine Learning

·       Discuss concepts and uses of OCI Analytics and AI Data Services

·       Discuss concepts and uses of Oracle Machine Learning

·       Explain the data mesh architecture


Upgrades and Migrations

·       Describe various migration strategies to the cloud

·       Explain Oracle's upgrade options


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