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Oracle Digital Assistant Essentials

·       Describe primary building blocks and provisioning of Oracle Digital Assistant

·       Explain architecture of Oracle Digital Assistant


Conversational AI

·       Describe Training Models

·       Implement Intent Design

·       Implement Testing, Platform Versions and Best Practices

·       Create and use Entities

·       Create and use Composite Bag


Dialog Flow

·       Describe Dialog Flow

·       Navigation using Dialog Flows

·       Use System Components

·       Use Visual Components

·       Perform Apache FreeMarker Operations

·       Resolve Entities in Dialog Flows


Conversation Design

·       Describe Plan and Personality in Conversation Design

·       Escaping the validation loop

·       Handle Out-of-order messages

·       Handle errors in Conversation Design


Backend Integration and Channels

·       Create, Build and Implement a Custom Component  and Embedded Container Service

·       Explain Identity Integration

·       Explain Channels


Digital Assistant and Skills

·       Describe Digital Assistant and Smart Dialogs

·       Implement Digital Assistant Intents and Interactions

·       Tune Routing Behavior and limit the frequency of Prompts

·       (New)Digital Assistant and Skills


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