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Understanding Internet of Things

·        Class Introduction

·        Describe the brief history of IoT

·        Explain IoT(Internet of Things)

·        Explain definition of “Things”

·        Describe the attributes of Things

·        Explain WoT Terminology

·        Describe Technology Road map of Internet of things


Understanding Cloud Computing

·        Cloud computing

·        Characteristics of Cloud Computing.

·        Oracle Cloud Products Overview


Getting Started with Oracle Cloud

·        Types of Oracle Cloud accounts

·        Subscribing to an Oracle Cloud Service Trial

·        Adding Users and Assigning Roles

·        Creating Cloud Service Instance

·        Generating Key Pair


Creating Cloud Service Instance

·        Steps for Creating IoT Cloud Service Instance

·        Creating Database Instance

·        Creating Java Cloud Instance

·        Understanding Container and storage Instance

·        Components of Dashboard


Creating Oracle IoT Cloud Service Applications

·        Workflow for Implementing the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service

·        Accessing the Management Console

·        Creating Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service Applications



Devices in IoT Cloud Services

·        Device Types in Oracle IoT Cloud Service

·        Device Life Cycle in Oracle IoT Cloud Service

·        Creating a New Device Model

·        Managing Your Device Models

·        Device Resources in Oracle IoT Cloud Service

·        Device Metadata in Oracle IoT Cloud Service

·        Registering , Activating, Deactivating, Decommissioning of Devices


Managing IoT Cloud service Application

·        Creating a New Application, Configuring device model, Adding message Exploration

·        Deploying an IoT Application

·        Importing an IoT Application

·        Exporting an IoT Application


Overview of Client Software Libraries

·        Data Simulator Overview

·        Setting Up and Using Data Simulator

·        Client Software libraries overview and architecture

·        Available Client software libraries

·        IoT Cloud Service Client Software Library Application Model

·        Locating and Downloading Client Software libraries

·        REST API libraries Overviews

·        Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service Using a JavaScript Application


Understanding End to End Data Flow from Registered Device to IoT Cloud Service

·        Start point and End point of Data/message

·        Message Formats in Oracle IoT Cloud Service

·        Overview of Oracle IoT Cloud Service Stream Exploration

·        End to End Dataflow Demo Using JavaScript Client libraries

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