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Basic Tuning Methods and Diagnostics

·       Tuning Methodologies

·       Tuning Lifecyles phases

·       Describe the time model

·       Explain wait events

·       Diagnosing performance problems using V$ views


Using Statspack

·       Installing and configuring  Statspack

·       Diagnosing performance problem using Statspack


Using Log and Trace Files to Monitor Performance

·       Using the Alert Log  to Monitor Performance

·       Using Trace files  to Monitor Performance


Using Metrics, Alerts and Baselines

·       Monitoring performance using metric thresholds and alerts

·       Using AWR baselines to monitor performance


Using AWR-Based Tools

·       Diagnosing performance issues using ADDM

·       Diagnosing performance issues using ASH reports

·       Using Automated Maintenance Tasks to Manage Performance


Performing Oracle Database Application Monitoring

·       Implementing Real-Time Database Operation Monitoring

·       Configuring and using services to monitor database Application performance


Identifying Problem SQL Statements

·       Understand the phases for SQL statement processing

·       Interpreting execution plans

·       Using formatted output of SQL Trace or the optimizer trace to identify poorly performing SQL statements

·       Monitoring Adaptive / Dynamic Execution plans

·       Monitoring Automatic Reoptimization and SQL Plan Directives


Influencing the Optimizer

·       Explain how statistics influence the optimizer

·       Configuring parameters to influence the optimizer


Reducing the Cost of SQL Operations

·       Shrinking Segments

·       Managing Chaining and Migration

·       Configuring Index and Table Performance Options

·       Configuring table compression

·       Diagnosing and tuning space related issues


Using Real Application Testing

·       Using SQL Performance Analyzer to test the impact of database changes

·       Use Database Replay to check impact of system change on performance


SQL Performance Management

·       Managing optimizer statistics

·       Using the Optimizer Statistics Advisor

·       Using the  SQL Access and SQL Tuning advisors to Tune SQL statements

·       Use SQL Plan Management to tune SQL statements


Tuning the Shared Pool

·       Diagnosing and resolving performance problems related to the shared pool

·       Managing and Tuning the Result Cache


Tuning the Buffer Cache

·       Diagnosing and resolving performance problems related to the buffer cache

·       Diagnose database I/O issues

·       Configuring Big Table Caching

·       Configuring Flash Cache


Tuning the PGA

·       Diagnosing and resolving performance issues related to PGA

·       Diagnosing and resolving performance issues related to temporary tablespace


Using Automatic Memory Management

·       Configuring Automatic Shared Memory Management

·       Configuring Automatic Memory Management


Using In-Memory Features

·       Configure and Use in memory columnn store to improve SQL performance

·       Use in memnory column store with other database features.


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