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Oracle Data Guard Basics

·       Describe the Architecture of Oracle Data Guard

·       Explain the applicability between physical and logical standby and snapshot databases

·       Explain the benefits of implementing Oracle Data Guard

·       Explain Data Guard use with the Oracle Multi-tennant databases

Managing Oracle Net Services in a Data Guard Environment

·       Understand the basics of Oracle Net Services

·       Implement Data Guard best-practice solutions in the networking setup


Creating a Physical Standby Database by Using SQL and RMAN Commands

·       Configure the primary database and Oracle Net Services to support the creation of the physical standby database and role transition

·       Create a physical standby database by using the DUPLICATE TARGET DATABASE FOR STANDBY FROM ACTIVE DATABASE RMAN command

·       Describe the Database Nologging Enhancements

·       Demonstrate the usage of the PL/SQL procedure DBMS_DBCOMP.DBCOMP

·       Explain the creation of a standby database by using DBCA


Using Oracle Active Data Guard:Supported Workloads in Read-Only Standby Databases

·       Perform Real-Time query to access data on a physical standby database

·       Describe the supported workload in Active Data Guard (Read-Only) instances


Creating and Managing a Snapshot Standby Database

·       Create a snapshot standby database to meet the requirement for a temporary, updatable snapshot of a physical standby database

·       Convert a snapshot standby database back to a physical standby database


Creating a Logical Standby Database

·       Determine when to create a logical standby database

·       Create a logical standby database

·       Manage SQL Apply filtering


Oracle Data Guard Broker Basics

·       Describe the Data Guard broker architecture

·       Describe the Data Guard broker components

·       Explain the benefits of the Data Guard broker

·       Describe Data Guard broker configurations


Creating a Data Guard Broker Configuration

·       Create a Data Guard broker configuration

·       Manage the Data Guard broker configuration

·       List the new Data Guard Broker commands


Monitoring a Data Guard Broker Configuration

·       Use Enterprise Manager to manage your Data Guard configuration

·       Invoke DGMGRL to manage your Data Guard configuration

·       List the new Data Guard Broker VALIDATE commands


Configuring Data Protection Modes

·       Describe the data protection modes

·       Change the data protection mode of your configuration


Performing Role Transitions

·       Explain the database roles

·       Perform a switchover

·       Perform a failover

·       Explain how to keep physical standby sessions during role transition


Using Flashback Database in a Data Guard Configuration

·       Configure Flashback Database

·       Explain the advantages of using Flashback Database in a Data Guard configuration

·       Explain the functionality of replicated restore points

·       Explain the functionality of automatic flashback


Enabling Fast-Start Failover

·       Configure fast-start failover

·       View information about the fast-start failover configuration

·       Manage the observer

·       Perform role changes in a fast-start failover configuration

·       Manually reinstate the primary database


Backup and Recovery Considerations in an Oracle Data Guard Configuration

·       Use Recovery Manager (RMAN) to back up and restore files in a Data Guard configuration

·       Offload backups to a physical standby database

·       Enable RMAN block change tracking for a physical standby database

·       Recover your primary database over the network

·       Synchronize Standby Database from Primary Database with one command

·       Using Automatic Block Media Recovery


Patching and Upgrading Databases in a Data Guard Configuration

·       Patch and upgrade databases using traditional patch methods

·       Perform rolling upgrades


Optimizing and Tuning a Data Guard Configuration

·       Monitor configuration performance

·       Optimize redo transport for best performance

·       Optimize SQL Apply

·       Describe Tunable Automatic Outage Resolution

·       List Diagnostic Tools in Active Data Guard (Read-Only) environment

·       Managing Physical Standby Files After Structural Changes on the Primary Database

·       Describe the primary database changes that may or may not require manual intervention at a physical standby database.


Using Oracle Active Data Guard: Far Sync and Real-Time Cascading

·       Use Far Sync to extend zero data loss protection for intercontinental configurations

·       Describe how to create a far sync instance by using RMAN

·       Describe the Real-Time Cascading


Enhanced Client Connectivity in a Data Guard Environment

·       Configure client connectivity in a Data Guard configuration

·       Implement failover procedures to automatically redirect clients to a new primary database

·       Using Application Continuity in a Data Guard Environment

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