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·       Assess security needs (risk reduction, regulatory compliance)

·       Assess the typical attack points for a database

·       Deploy the Maximum Security Architecture


Manage Database Users

·       Administer OS Authentication

·       Administer Kerberos Authentication

·       Administer PKI Certificate Authentication

·       Administer Enterprise User Security

·       Administer Centrally Managed Users

·       Identify Inactive accounts


Manage and Secure passwords

·       Secure Passwords in scripts and applications

·       Change a user's password securely

·       Administer a secure external password store to secure passwords

·       Administer the Database Password File

·       Control the use of a password file


Configure and Use Contexts

·       Understand and use USERENV variables

·       Understand and Use Client Identifiers

·       Extend Unified Auditing with Context information

·       Use context information with Secure Application Roles


Manage Authorization

·       Administer System and Object Privileges

·       Assign Administrative Privileges

·       Configure Secure Application Roles

·       Configure Global Roles (EUS/CMU)

·       Perform Privilege Analysis


Configure Fine Grained Access Control

·       Configure Fine Grained Access Control (FGAC)

·       Configure FGAC with Real Application Security

·       Configure FGAC withVirtual Private Database

·       Configure FGAC with Oracle Label Security


Configure and Manage Database Vault

·       Describe the Default Separation of Duties with Database Vault

·       Configure Database Vault Factors, Rules, and Rule Sets

·       Configure Database Vault Mandatory and non-Mandatory Realms

·       Configure Database Vault Command Rules

·       Configure Realms, Command Rules, and Application Context to enforce trusted path access

·       Perform Database Vault Operations Control


Configure and Use Auditing

·       Perform Privileged User Audit

·       Configure Standard Audit

·       Configure Fine Grained Auditing

·       Configure and use Unified Audit


Configure Network Security

·       Assess the need for  Network access control (ACL)

·       Manage Network ACLs in relation to microservice deployments

·       Configure ACLs to access passwords in a wallet

·       Configure Network Service Profiles

·       Configure and use Listener Valid-Node Checking

·       Enhance Database Communication Security with SEC_ parameters


Configure and Implement Encryption

·       Encrypt data in motion

·       Configure Native Network Encryption

·       Configure TLS Encryption

·       Encrypt data at rest with Transparent Database Encryption

·       Configure Column level and Tablespace level Encryption

·       Encrypt the Data Dictionary

·       Migrate unencrypted to encrypted data

·       Manage Encryption Keys

·       Administer and use the SYSKM Administrative Privilege

·       Administer Encryption Wallets


Implement Data Masking and Data Redaction

·       Implement Data Redaction

·       Implement Enterprise Manager Data Masking Pack

·       Configure and use the Application Data Model

·       Perform Sensitive Data Discovery

·       Deploy Data Masking Formats

·       Compare In-Database -vs- At-Source execution

·       Automate Masking operations with EMCLI

·       Configure Transparent Sensitive Data Protection (TSDP)


Invoke the Database Security Assessment Tool

·       Run the Database Security Assessment Tool


Patch Databases

·       Assess the need for of a CVE

·       Decode CVSS Risk Scoring


Manage Database Security in the Cloud

·       Asssess the Shared Responsibility Model

·       Manage hybrid cloud scenarios

·       Assess Autonomous Database Self Securing



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