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Oracle E-Business Suite 11i, R12.1.3/12.2.12 Architecture

·       Introduction to Oracle E-Business Suite 11i, R12.1.3/12.2.12

·       Oracle E-Business Suite 11i, R12.1.3/12.2.12 Architecture

·       Oracle E-Business Suite 11i, R12.1.3/12.2.12 Multi-Tier Architecture

·       Desktop Tier

·       Application Tier

·       Database Tier

·       Oracle Homes Architecture

·       Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Layer



·       Single Node Installation

·       Multi-Node Installation


File System

·       Oracle Applications Technology

·       Oracle Applications Environment Files and Server Process Scripts

·       Oracle Applications Entire File System

·       The Applications and Database Context Files



·       Starting up Database & Application Tier Services

·       Shutting down Application & Database Tier Services


AD Utilities

·       What are the AD Utilities?

·       AD Administration

·       Special Utilities

·       Context Editing

·       Reporting Utilities

·       Configuration Utilities


AutoConfig and Configuration Changes

·       Reduced Role for AutoConfig

·       Configuration Tools

·       New AutoConfig Tools for System Configuration

·       Service Groups and Services in Release R12.1.3/12.2.12

·       AutoConfig Managed Service Groups and Services

·       Managing Oracle HTTP Server Configurations

·       Web Applications

·       Summary of Configuration Changes

·       Autoconfig Template and Driver files Concepts



·       Managing Concurrent Programs and Reports

·       Administering Concurrent Managers

·       Managing Profile Options

·       Incorporating a Custom Program


Changing Passwords

·       FNDCPASS utility usage to change passwords.


Online Patching Concepts

·       Patch Types, Terminology, and Components

·       Patch Creation and Patching Order

·       Patching Utilities

·       Introduction to Online Patching

·       Architectural Changes to Support Online Patching

·       Database Implementation

·       Editioning Views and the Application Data Model

·       Phases of the Online Patching Cycle


Running the AD Online Patching Utility

·       AD Online Patching Utility

·       Running the adop Utility

·       adop Commands

·       Executing the Patching Cycle

·       Status of a Patching Cycle

·       Patching in Multi-Node Environments

·       adop Remote Invocation

·       Hotpatch Mode



·       Managing Printers

·       Registering Printers

·       Troubleshooting Printer Issues



·       Creating Users

·       Assigning Responsibilities

·       FNDCPASS Concepts

·       Changing User Passwords using FNDCPASS



·       Introduction to Oracle Workflow

·       Workflow Configuration

·       Workflow Troubleshooting


System Administration

·       Creating Users

·       Assigning Responsibilities

·       Setting Up Printers

·       Changing Profile Options


Cloning Concepts (Manual/RMAN Cold & Hot Backup)

·       Rapidclone Concepts

·       Cloning From Single node to Single node

·       Cloning From Multi-Node to Multi-Node

·       Cloning From Multi-Node to Single-Node

·       Database Refresh

·       Post-Clone Procedures


Troubleshooting & Performance Tuning

·       User connectivity issues Troubleshooting

·       Apache Troubleshooting

·       Jserv Troubleshooting

·       OC4J Troubleshooting

·       Forms & Concurrent Processing Troubleshooting

·       Autoconfig related issues Troubleshooting

·       Long-Running Jobs Troubleshooting

·       Java Memory Settings and Tuning

·       Troubleshooting Cloning Issues

·       Apps Health Monitoring