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Oracle Cloud Platform for Database in the Cloud

·       Oracle Database Cloud Services

·       Journey to Autonomous Database

·       Subscribe to an Oracle Cloud Service


Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

·       Regions, Availability Domains, and Backbone Network

·       Comprehensive Virtual Network with Off-box Virtualization Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Essentials

·       Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) Service

·       Compute Service & Shapes

·       Object Storage Service & Block Volume Service

·       Load Balancing Service

·       DNS Service


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Database Service

·       Virtual Machine DB Systems

·       Bare Metal DB Systems

·       Exadata DB Systems


Bare Metal and Virtual Machine DB Systems

·       Compute Shapes

·       Storage Options

·       DB Systems Storage

·       Architecture


Creating and Managing Bare Metal and Virtual Machine DB Systems

·       Prerequisites to Launch DB System

·       Creating Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) for DB System

·       Using the Console to Launch DB System

·       Using Console to Start, Stop, Reboot, and Terminate DB System

·       Using the Console to Manage BYOL Database Licenses

·       Using the API Operations & Setting Up DNS for a DB System

Connecting to a DB System on OCI

·       Create TNS Entry for PDBs

·       Connecting to a DB System with SSH

·       Connecting to a Database with Oracle SQL Developer

·       Connecting to a Database on 1-Node & Multi-Node DB System


Updating and Configuring a DB System on OCI

·       Update a DB System

·       Important Guidelines for OS Updates

·       Configure a DB System

·       Transparent Data Encryption

·       Scaling CPU & Storage


Patching a DB System on OCI

·       Performing Patch Operations on DB System & on Database Using Console

·       Viewing Patch History of a DB System & of a Database

·       Performing Patching Using CLI

·       Check the Installed Patches & Patch Server Components

·       Patch Database Home Components

·       Applying Interim Patches

·       Identify the Root Cause of the Patching Operation Failure


Configuring and Monitoring a Database on OCI

·       Monitoring a Database

·       Opening Ports on the DB System

·       Updating the Security List for the DB System

·       Special Considerations to Create and Configure a New PDB

·       Creating and Activating a Master Encryption Key for a New PDB


Backing Up and Recovering a Database on OCI

·       Object Storage, Local Storage & Swift Object Storage

·       Backing Up to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Using Console & RMAN

·       Enable or Disable Automatic Backups for a Database

·       Create an On-Demand Full Backup of a Database & Delete a Full Backup from Object Storage

·       Installing the Backup Module on the DB System & Configuring RMAN

·       Backing Up to Local Storage Using the Database CLI

·       Recovering a Database Using Console, RMAN & from a CLI Backup

·       Recovering a Database from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic Object Store


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security

·       Identity and Access Management Service

·       Principals, Authentication, Authorization

·       User Authentication

·       Instance Isolation

·       Network Security

·       User Authorization: OCI IAM

·       Data Encryption


Migrating Oracle Databases to OCI: Overview

·       Considerations for Choosing a Migration Method

·       Information Gathering, Analysis and Planning

·       Data Transfer Options (Online and Sync, Offline)

·       Security Considerations

·       Migration Options




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