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Oracle Golden Gate (OGG) Overview

·       Describe OGG functional overview and common topologies

·       Describe OGG Veridata and Management Pack functionality

·       Describe the difference between real-time data integration replication and Data Manipulation Language (DML) replication


Architecture Overview

·       Describe OGG components

·       Create the two types of Capture processes for Oracle database

·       Create the three types of Replicat processes

·       Explain the difference between an Extract and Pump, and local and remote trails

·       Configure OGG's process recovery mechanism


Install and Configure OGG

·       Download and Install OGG, and differentiate between various installers (zip, OUI, tar)

·       Synchronize source and target databases with the Initial Load

·       Prepare database for OGG CDC and check databases with OGG schema check script

·       Configure OGG Replication component parameter files

·       Configure the OGG Command Interface to create OGG processes

·       Describe how to identify and resolve issues in heterogeneous replication, and provide appropriate solutions

·       Configure OGG utilities



·       Describe and compare GLOBALS versus MANAGER parameters

·       Create solutions using component parameters for replication requirements

·       Install OGG parameters

·       Explain and identify parameters specific for non-Oracle databases


Mapping and Transformation Overview

·       Implement use cases for transformation functions

·       Implement macros


Configuration Options

·       Describe OGG configuration options (Data Definition Language (DDL), compression and encryption options)

·       Configure OGG event actions based on use cases

·       Troubleshoot conflict detection and resolution

·       Configure Integrated Capture, Replicat, and deployment options


Managing and Monitoring Oracle GoldenGate

·       Manage OGG command and data security

·       Implement and troubleshoot OGG Monitoring

·       Explain the configuration and management of the  Enterprise Manager 12c plug-in

·       Implement and troubleshoot OGG Veridata


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