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Introduction to Oracle Golden Gate

·       Welcome to the Principal Oracle GoldenGate12c course

·       Overview of Oracle GoldenGate12c

·       Logical replication vs Physical replication


Preparing your environment

·       Oracle VirtualBox and Virtual Machines

·       OraLinux Oracle12c with GoldenGate

·       Other possible installation

·       Download and Install Oracle VirtualVBox

·       Set up the virtual network

·       Download the VM template and generate two virtual machines

·       Set up host connectivity

·       Set up the /etc/hosts file

·       Set up database connectivity

·       Install the Oracle GoldenGate software

·       Setup Oracle GoldenGate environment

·       Database setup for Oracle GoldenGate12c


Oracle GoldenGate infrastructure and other things you must know before continue

·       The importance of SCN

·       Understanding database logging

·       Set up the database logging

·       Restore database at a point in time (SCN)

·       Some notes about Oracle12c multitenant architecture


Table replication to the same database

·       Create the manager process

·       Methods of data capture: classic and integrated

·       Create the extract process - The ADD command

·       Create the extract process

·       Replicate data in the same database

·       Create the replicat process

·       Monitoring the replication


Managing the Oracle GoldenGate12c command line interface

·       Some useful commands

·       The GLOBALS parameter file

·       Error checking


Schema replication to a remote database

·       Modify extract process on source server

·       Modify the extract process ext1

·       Consistent schema copy based on a given SCN

·       Duplicate HR schema at a consistent SCN using Export and Import Data Pump utilit

·       Create the pump process based on SCN number

·       Create the extract process for PUMP

·       Create the replicat process on the target server

·       Create the replicat process in the remote database

·       Some considerations about sequences and triggers


Extra: Software, official documentation and other resources

·       List of software used in the course.

·       Other VM's and additional products

·       Official documentation of Oracle GoldenGate12c

·       Basic troubleshooting



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