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Introducing Oracle Service Bus

·       About Enterprise Service Bus

·       Introducing Oracle Service Bus

·       About Oracle Service Bus and Oracle SOA Suite

·       Describing Service Bus installation and configuration options


Getting Started with Service Bus Applications

·       Explaining basics of WSDL and XSD

·       Discussing Service Bus components

·       Creating a simple Service Bus application

·       Discussing features for developers


Basics of Message Flow

·       Discussing message flow

·       About context variables

·       About pipeline templates

·       Explaining debugging


Validating Messages and Error Handling

·       Explaining message validation

·       Discussing fault handling

·       Discussing reporting


Transforming Messages

·       Overview of message transformation in Service Bus

·       About XPath functions

·       Using XSLT Mapper to create XSL transformations

·       Using XQuery Mapper to create XQuery transformations

·       Transforming non-XML to XML with nXSD


Routing Messages

·       Overview of message routing

·       About content-based routing

·       About dynamic routing


Enriching Messages

·       Discussing message enrichment use cases

·       Explaining enrichment using Service Callout

·       Describing enrichment using Java Callout


Processing Messages with Concurrent Calls

·       Introducing split-join

·       About split-join patterns

·       About split-join constructions

·       Implementing a split-join


Adapters and Transports

·       About JCA transport and adapters

·       Discussing SOA-DIRECT transport

·       Exposing SOAP-based services as REST services using the REST binding


Reliable Messaging

·       Discussing reliable messaging support in Service Bus

·       About quality of service

·       Discussing configurations for reliable communication


Service Bus Security

·       About security concepts

·       Discussing Oracle WSM security

·       About access control policies


Advanced Topics

·       Discussing principles and best practices of using Service Bus

·       About service result caching and SLA alerts

·       Integrating with MFT

·       About message re-sequencing

·       Describing continuous integration with Maven





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