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WebLogic Server Overview

·       WebLogic Server Architecture

·       Application Services

·       Administration Tools

·       Java Cloud Service


Installing and Patching WebLogic Server

·       Installing WebLogic Server

·       Patching WebLogic Server

·       Zero Downtime Patching


Creating Domains

·       Domain Planning

·       Domain Modes

·       Domain Creation Tools

·       Domain Templates

·       Using the Configuration Wizard

·       Multitenancy concepts


Starting Servers

·       Server Lifecycle

·       Starting and Stopping Servers

·       Domain scripts

·       Customizing Domain Scripts

·       Restarting Failed Servers


Using the Administration Console

·       Using the Administration Console for Configuration Change Management Architecture

·       Creating and Modifying Managed Servers

·       Enterprise Manager Cloud Control


Configuring JDBC

·       JDBC Review

·       Datasource Types

·       Configuring a JDBC Data Source

·       JDBC and RAC

·       Connection Pools


Monitoring a Domain

·       Working with WebLogic Server Logs

·       Monitoring WebLogic Server

·       JMX, MBeans and Monitoring

·       Monitoring Dashboards


Node Manager

·       Node Manager Concepts

·       Configuring and Using Node Manager

·       Node Manager Setup Tasks

·       Node Manager and Scripting

·       Node Manager Best Practices


Deploying Applications

·       Deployment Overview and Lifecycle

·       Deployment Descriptor Concepts

·       WebLogic Deployment Tools

·       Deploying an Application

·       Load Testing an Application


Network Channels and Virtual Hosts

·       Configuring a Network Channel

·       Configuring the Admin Port

·       Creating a Virtual Host


Clusters: Overview, Create, & Config

·       Clustering Review

·       Configuring a Cluster

·       Configuring a Dynamic Cluster


Clusters: Proxies & Sessions

·       Web-tier and Cluster Proxies

·       Oracle Traffic Director and Oracle HTTP Server

·       Configuring a Cluster Proxy

·       Configuring Replication Groups


Clusters: Communication, Planning & Troubleshooting

·       Cluster Communication Concepts

·       Multicast and Unicast

·       Replication Channels

·       Scaling and Troubleshooting Clusters



·       Transaction Overview

·       Configuring Transaction Persistence

·       Transaction Logs

·       Transactions and Persistent Stores

·       Monitoring Transactions


WebLogic Server Security

·       WebLogic Security Architecture

·       Configuring an Authentication Provider

·       LDAP Authentication

·       Troubleshooting Authentication


Backing Up a Domain and Upgrading WebLogic Server

·       Backup/Recovery Concepts

·       Backup Types

·       Backing Up and Restoring a Domain






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