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Oracle General Ledger Process

·       Understanding the General Ledger Functions and Features

·       Analyzing the General Ledger Accounting Cycle

·       Reviewing General Ledger Integration Points

·       Generating Standard Reports and Listings



·       Describing the Elements Required to Define Ledgers

·       Identifying Attributes, Options and Settings to Define the Accounting Flexfield

·       Define Identify the attributes, options and settings required to define the Accounting Flexfield

·       Define an Accounting Calendar

·       Enable Predefined Currencies

·       Create Accounting Setups

·       Explain Reporting Currencies

·       Define Accounting Options


Basic Journal Entries

·       Describe How Journal Entries are Positioned in the Accounting Cycle

·       Identify the Types of Journal Entries

·       Create Manual Journal Entries

·       Post Journal Entries using Various Posting Options

·       Perform Account Inquiries

·       Identify the Key Elements of Web Applications Desktop Integrator (Web ADI)

·       Run the Create Accounting Program

·       Describe Importing Journal Entries


Summary Accounts

·       Discuss Summary Accounts and How They are used in General Ledger

·       Define Rollup Groups for Summary Account Creation

·       Assign Parent Values to Rollup Groups

·       Determine the number of Summary Accounts Created by a Template using a Specific Formula

·       Enter Summary Account Templates to Create Summary Accounts

·       Maintain Summary Accounts

·       Discuss Key Implementation Considerations in Planning Summary Accounts


Advanced Journal Entries

·       Describe Advanced Journal Entries

·       Identify the Key Issues and Considerations when Implementing the Advanced Journal Entry functions of Oracle General Ledger

·       Explain the Business Benefits Derived from utilizing Oracle General Ledger's Advanced Journal Entries Functions


Financial Budgeting

·       Understanding Anatomy of a Budget

·       Completing the Budget Accounting Cycle

·       Discussing Budget Entry Methods

·       Uploading Budget Amounts

·       Transferring Budget Amounts

·       Freezing and Unfreezing Budget Amounts



·       Defining Foreign Currencies

·       Entering Foreign Currency Journals

·       Revaluing Foreign Currency Balances

·       Translating Balances Into Foreign Currency



·       Identifying Consolidations Across the General Ledger Business Process

·       Understanding Key Implementation Issues Across Consolidations

·       Understanding the Global Consolidation System

·       Defining the Elements of the Consolidation Workbench


Period Close

·       Understanding the Accounting Cycle

·       Understanding Steps in the Close Process

·       Performing Journal Import of Sub-ledger Balances

·       Generating Revaluation

·       Understanding the Closing Period

·       Consolidating Account Balances


Financial Reporting

·       Identifying Financial Reporting Across the General Ledger Business Process

·       Understanding Basic Report Building Concepts

·       Understanding the Financial Statement Generator

·       Generating Financial Reports using the Standard Request Submission Form


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