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Navigating in R12 Oracle Applications

·       Log in to Oracle Applications

·       Navigate from Personal Home Page to Applications

·       Choose a responsibility

·       Create Favorites and set Preferences

·       Use Forms and Menus

·       Enter data using Forms

·       Search for data using Forms

·       Access online Help

·       Run and monitor Reports and Programs

·       Log out of Oracle Applications


Introduction to Oracle Applications R12

·       Explain the footprint of R12 E-Business Suite

·       Describe the benefits of R12 E-Business Suite

·       Describe R12 E-Business Suite architecture


Shared Entities and Integration

·       Explain shared entities within R12 E-Business Suite

·       Describe key integration points and business flows between products in E-Business Suite (EBS)

·       Identify Key Business Flows and products involved in E-Business Suite (EBS)


Fundamentals of Flexfields

·       Describe Flexfields and their components

·       Identify the steps to implement a Flexfield

·       Define value sets and values

·       Define Key Flexfields

·       Define Descriptive Flexfields


Fundamentals of Multi-Org

·       Define Multiple Organization (Multi-Org)

·       Describe the types of organizations supported in the Multi-Org model

·       Explain the entities of Multi-Org

·       Explain how Multi-Org secures data

·       Identify key implementation considerations for Multi-Org

·       Define Multi-Org Access Control

·       Explain Multi-Org preferences

·       Explain Enhanced Multiple-Organization Reporting

·       Explain the concepts of subledger accounting


Fundamentals of Workflow and Alerts

·       Explain Workflow concepts

·       Describe the benefits of Workflow



Overview of Oracle Order Management

·       Describe Oracle Order Management and its main components  

·       Explain the capabilities of Oracle Order Management  

·       Identify the other products that Oracle Order Management integrates with 

·       Order Entities and Order Flows

·       Manage Quotes

·       Manage Order to Cash Lifecycle with Standard Items  

·       Manage Order to Cash Lifecycle with PTO, and ATO Items  

·       Manage Drop Shipments  

·       Manage Back-to-Back Orders  

·       Manage Sales Agreements  

·       Manage Order to Cash Lifecycle with Customer Acceptance


Multiple Organization Access Control Setup

·       Explain the necessity for multiple organization access control (MOAC) 

·       Identify the Order Management windows (setup and transaction) that use the Operating Unit field and 12i specific MOAC additional features 

·       Perform the various setups involved in implementing MOAC


Oracle Inventory Setup for Oracle Order Management

·       Explain the structure of an inventory organization 

·       Define subinventories  

·       Use units of measure  

·       Use the item master organization  

·       Define items  

·       Create available-to-promise rules


Oracle Receivables Setup for Oracle Order Management

·       Define TCA Concepts

·       Define Customer Information and Payment Terms 

·       Define Invoicing, Accounting Rules and Deferred Revenue 

·       Explain Customer Acceptance and Billing Setups 

·       Defining Invoicing Sources (Batch Source)  

·       Explain Online Transaction Security and Tax-Related Setup Steps  

·       Define Credit Checking


Oracle Order Management Setup Steps

·       View and Update Profile Options  

·       Create QuickCodes or Lookups  

·       Manage Document Sequencing 

·       Define Transaction Types  

·       Explain Order Header and line Workflows in Transaction Types 

·       Set up Processing Constraints  

·       Define Validation Templates  

·       Define Defaulting Conditions  

·       Define Defaulting Rules  

·       Set up Versioning and Audit History  

·       Setup Available to Promise  

·       Define Scheduling  

·       Create Credit Check Rules


Holds, Order Purge, and Exception Management Setup

·       Create, Apply and Release Holds - Seeded, Generic

·       Explain Order and Quote Purge  

·       Explain Exception Management


Basic Pricing Setup

·       Describe Pricing Process and Basic Pricing Concepts 

·       Maintain Price Lists


Define Pricing Security

·       Use Qualifiers with various Types of Modifiers  

·       Apply Freight and Special Charges Modifier  

·       Create and Use Price Books


Overview of Shipping Execution

·       Explain the Oracle Order Management to Oracle Shipping Execution Flow 

·       Describe Shipping Entities  

·       Identify User Interfaces in Oracle Shipping Execution  

·       Identify Key Reports and Processes  

·       Describe integration with Oracle Order Management, Oracle Transportation Execution, and Oracle Warehouse Management


Shipping Execution Setup

·       Define Roles and Users 

·       Define Carriers  

·       Shipping Execution Documents  

·       International Trade Management Adapter  

·       Manage Shipping Exceptions  

·       Define Pick Release Rules  

·       Define Ship Confirm Rules  

·       Containers/LPNs 


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