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Overview of Advanced Pricing

·       Learning basics about Oracle Advanced Pricing

·       Understanding benefits of Oracle Advanced Pricing

·       Learning about features of Oracle Advanced Pricing

·       Learning about the Oracle Advanced Pricing process

·       Understanding the role of the pricing engine


Generic Implementation Setup

·       Overview of setup steps

·       Understanding Oracle Advanced Pricing concepts

·       Analyzing pricing needs

·       Developing pricing solutions

·       Understanding customer and product hierarchies

·       Establishing pricing controls


Price Lists

·       Overview of price lists

·       Creating price lists and price list lines

·       Using price breaks

·       Setting up multicurrency price lists

·       Creating GSA price lists

·       Creating pricing agreements

·       Setting up bulk loader for price list



·       Overview of formulas

·       Understanding component types

·       Creating pricing formulas

·       Using Get Custom Price

·       Setting up profile options for formulas


Qualifiers and Qualifier Groups

·       Creating list and line-level qualifiers for modifiers and price lists

·       Creating qualifier groups

·       Using qualifiers with product or customer hierarchies - Oracle TCA (Trading Community Architecture) Parties Appending qualifier groups



·       Overview of modifiers

·       Setting up modifiers in forms and HTML user interface

·       Identifying types of modifier lists and lines

·       Defining modifier lists and lines

·       Setting up price breaks

·       Using promotional limits with modifiers


Price Books

·       Overview of price books

·       Understanding full and delta price books

·       Learning price book implementation steps

·       Creating a price book

·       Defining price book publishing options

·       Maintaining price books

·       Republishing price books


Attribute Management

·       Overview of attribute management

·       Defining pricing transaction entities

·       Understanding and using contexts and attributes

·       Linking and mapping attributes


Pricing Security

·       Understanding levels of pricing security

·       How to assign security rules to pricing entities

·       Setting up default security rules

·       Understanding relationship between pricing security and multi-organization access control (MOAC)


Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

·       Using the pricing engine request viewer

·       Understanding the diagnostic concurrent programs

·       Learning about pricing engine messages and diagnosis



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